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Boat Trips and Tours in Rome

Rome is one of the most cultured cities in the world and home to the Pope. It's full of iconic sites like the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. It's also where you will find the Tiber, the third-longest river in Italy. From the Tiber, you can make the most of boat tours in Rome and explore the waters as well as the land.

From gaining a different perspective of sites while you cruise up and down the river to heading to new destinations, boat tours in Rome offer plenty of opportunities. Discover the Amalfi Coast during a day trip, go snorkelling in island waters, and see great sights like sweeping clifftops and picturesque scenery.

What will you see during a boat tour in Rome?

Cruise down the Tiber to enjoy panoramic views of the city - especially at night when Rome is lit up and looking majestic. During a cruise, you will see Tiber Island, Castel Sant'Angelo, and Vatican City. Hop-on hop-off cruises are also a comfortable way to move around the city, avoiding the traffic jam, while enjoying lovely views of the eternal city.

How much do boat tours in Rome cost?

Boat tours along the Tiber River are typically cheaper than ones to the islands. You can book them for as little as €20 or as much as €500 (if they includes full day trips), depending on the type of tour you want to do. More expensive options are likely to come with guides, food, and include entry fees to landmarks and attractions.

If you're planning on heading to the Amalfi Coast or Capri Island, day tours tend to cost in the region of €250 and include transport from Rome to the nearest port.

Are there any day trips from Rome which include boat tours?

Italy is a peninsula, and most regions have coasts. Therefore, several day trips include boat tours. These are the best destinations for a boat tour during an excursion from Rome.

Ponza Island

Often referred to as Italy's secret island, Ponza Island was the destination for the Romans. Today, it's an uninterrupted island with plenty of flora and fauna and is one of the most beautiful natural sites in Italy. Take to the clear waters for a spot of snorkelling and bask in picturesque settings.

Amalfi Coast

One of Italy's most picturesque areas, the Amalfi Coast is a 50km stretch of coastline that has proved popular with visitors for centuries. This classic Mediterranean landscape blends quaint villages with dramatic coastlines, terraced vineyards, orchids, and crystal clear waters. Don't forget your camera as you'll want to take plenty of pictures of the Amalfi Coast's beauty.


A cliffside village in the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a vibrancy of colours that looks like it was made straight from an artist's pallet. It has one of the largest beaches on the Amalfi Coast - and one of the most glamorous too! Positano attracts many creatives, including artists and actors. It's also the face of the Amalfi Coast, often seen on many postcards and in travel magazines.

Sorrento Coast

The Sorrento Coast is on the southern end of the bay of Naples and offers plenty of natural beauty in the form of dominating cliffs and crystal-clear waters. From snorkelling to relaxing on soft-sandy beaches, the Sorrento coast offers an alternative to the hustle and bustle of Rome.

Capri Island

Live the lavish life in Capri - just like all of the celebrities who flock to the island regularly. From jaw-dropping beauty to world-class shopping, Capri really does have it all. Enjoy The Piazzetta, Capri's famous public square; laze on the beaches; and go on a nature walk that has sweeping views of the sea.

When is the best time to experience a boat tour in Rome?

The spring and summer are the best times to visit Rome, especially if you plan on taking boat tours to islands like Ponza or travel south to Amalfi Coast and Capri. The warmer weather means that the waters tend to be calmer, while activities like snorkelling and swimming will be more enjoyable in the hotter climates.

However, if you're visiting Rome solely for its landmarks, autumn can also be a good time of year as it's not as hot as the peak summer months - which can be over 30 °C.