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Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome tickets

Getting out there and seeing the world is what life is all about, and sometimes, when heading off on a vacation for one reason, you can find that the final destination has a whole host of activities and fun things to do that you didn’t even realize existed.

This is the sort of scenario Cairns finds itself in as a city, and today, our plan is to uncover one of the many great spots that can be found not too far away in tropical Queensland.

We are, of course, referring to Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome. This is one of the most unique locations to be found across this region for so very many reasons, but instead of bigging it up without any proof, it’s time to get onto why buying Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome tickets should be at the top of your priority list.

What are the best things to do at Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome?

The mystery of Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome is that there isn’t any mystery behind it all - just a whole load of fun. It’s near enough impossible to leave this place without feeling like you’ve had an experience that could easily have changed your life. If not, then at the very least, then it’s about having a good time.


While the Mid-ZOOM does give visitors a taste of adventure, Hi-ZOOM increases the difficulty and also forces us to challenge ourselves. There are complex crossings and a handful of ziplines, including one that’ll actually take you above and over Goliath the crocodile. The course goes all the way up through the Dome with a string of gorgeous birds greeting you on the way through.

Pirate Climb

This large cargo net is actually attached to the Power Jump, the next featured activity, with visitors having to climb up the net from the trampoline below as if you’re in an episode of Gladiators. It’s almost as if you’re competing against yourself which, in our opinion, is always the best kind of competition anyway.

Power Jump

It’s not easy to embrace a freefall adventure but there’s something about Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome that makes us want to take that leap of faith - and we mean that literally. Here, everyone will be given a chance to jump off of a 13m high tower attached to a rope, recreating pretty much every superhero dream we’ve ever had in the process.

Dome Climb

If the best views of Cairns is what the family is after, then look no further than the Dome Climb. The 60m wide platform looks out onto some of the very best sights that Cairns has at its disposal, with the open Great Barrier Reef in the distance alongside the actual city.

Wildlife Experience

The Wildlife Experience, private or specific, allows you to spend 40 minutes with a wildlife keeper and a bunch of amazing animals. It’ll include being able to have a photo with three animals out of the following: a koala, crocodile, snake, frogmouth and lizard, with the activity being held between 10am and 2pm.

How much do Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome tickets cost?

Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome tickets are pretty reasonable with specific ZOOM and wildlife activity experiences being priced differently depending on the package you’re interested in.

As for standard entry fares, it will cost an adult A$25 to get in, and a child (aged between 4-14 years) just A$12.50. A family of four that features two adults and two children will set you back A$62.50.

So don’t delay, because it can get pretty busy in there - especially on the weekends.

How long does it take to get to Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome from Cairns?

The great thing about Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome is that if you’re staying in the city of Cairns, it probably isn’t going to take a whole lot longer than a few minutes - or maybe a maximum of 10-15 - to reach the Dome, which is always in view.

It’s right down by the Marina, the Hilton and just about every other major transportation hub in the area, just in case walking isn’t on the agenda.

What are the Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome opening hours?

On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the Dome is open from 10am to 5pm. It’s closed on Tuesdays but on Saturday and Sunday, it’s open for an extra hour between 9am and 5pm.

Are there any other fun theme parks in Cairns?

There’s a list as long as our arm when it comes to other awesome parks in the Cairns area with some being quite close by and others being well worth the price of admission, even if they are a bit further out.

Within the context of wanting to stay as local as possible, Cairns Aquarium is quite literally a 15-minute walk away and should fit in quite nicely as a sister visit for the day.

You may also consider the Rainforestation Nature Park and the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary.

Travel tips

  • There are certain height requirements attached to some of the activities, so to avoid disappointment, always make sure to check online or directly through the company. That way, nobody in the family is going to be upset about missing out, and it’s easier to find something for them to do elsewhere in the Wildlife Dome.
  • It goes without saying but safety is vital in these types of scenarios. From the equipment to the animals to the well-being of others, there’s a lot to take in upon entering the Dome. It really is a whole lot of fun but we can understand how it’d be an intimidating atmosphere for some, so don’t enter a setting that may put you or others in danger.
  • This is the sort of day that is going to involve a whole lot of energy and as such, make sure to plan around breakfast and lunch breaks to ensure those levels don’t drop too low.