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Shooting Experiences in Las Vegas, Nevada

Channel your inner “Mad Max” and learn how to aim like a pro on an electrifying Las Vegas shooting experience. Whether you want to handle a handgun like James Bond or blow things up in the desert, this excursion is right up your street.

Shred targets in military ranges, or tackle nail-biting battle scenarios in the wilderness - the choice is yours.

There are a few different shooting experiences in Las Vegas to choose from. Strapped for time? Then opt for a short, sharp, shoot-‘em-up. Or if you fancy including some of the nearby sights on your gun-slinging adventure, go for a full-day tour.

Indoor range shooting experiences

Start your day in style with a military Humvee hotel transfer, then make like GI Joe at a specially-designed indoor range near the Las Vegas Strip. Practice your sharpshooting skills with Glocks, assault rifles, and shotguns, with expert guidance from your instructor.

These shorter experiences are ideal for beginners or those who have limited time.

Outdoor desert adventure shooting trips

Recreate historic battles against the majestic backdrop of the Mojave Desert on these interactive Las Vegas shooting tours. The military-style complex comes complete with WWII Jeeps and even a “Huey” helicopter used in the Vietnam War.

Test your aim with a range of weapons, from guns dating back to the Prohibition era to those currently used by NATO forces. As the adrenaline rises, with explosions all around, will you have the skills to complete the mission?

These half-day tours generally include transfers and lunch. Some also stop at the Hoover Dam for photos.

Shooting excursions with optional ATV ride and Grand Canyon helicopter tour

Your day begins with an outdoor Las Vegas shooting experience, with all the battlefield drama you can handle.

Next up is a thrilling ATV ride through Lake Mead National Park and down to the Colorado River, for those who want to add this to the tour. Grand Canyon helicopter tours are another exhilarating addition to the day, with a 90-minute flight and Champagne landing.

Lunch, transfers, and a ride on the world’s largest Monster Truck Limousine are included.

Las Vegas shooting experience with speed boat tour

For the ultimate buzz, combine your outdoor desert shoot with a speed boat ride on Lake Mead and the Colorado River. Brave souls can try a spot of cliff jumping, while others can sip Champagne on deck.

Walking across the Bypass Bridge beneath Hoover Dam is a real high point of the trip. A complimentary photo and video package is provided, as well as transfers, and a hearty breakfast to fuel you up for the day ahead.

Shooting and off-road racing combination tour

After your desert shoot-out, strap in tight to your race truck or dune buggy, and hurtle through the wilderness like a pro. You will get the feel of the 1-mile racing track in no time, and your buddies will soon be eating your dust.

Tuck into burgers and toast your newfound skills with a drink at the onsite bar. Then finish your high-adrenaline day with a ride on a Monster Truck through the Mojave Desert. Transfers are included.

How much do shooting experiences in Las Vegas cost?

Prices for Las Vegas shooting experiences vary depending on tour length and locations visited. Pick-ups from selected hotels on the Las Vegas Strip are included in all excursions.

  • Indoor range shooting at Las Vegas venues starts at $85 for 30 minutes, rising to $252 for 3 hours. This usually includes handling up to four weapons, as well as safety equipment and professional instruction.
  • Half-day Mojave Desert shooting experiences are priced between $181 and $505 per person. Some tours include up to eight guns, lunch, and a photo stop at the Hoover Dam.
  • Shooting trips with optional ATV excursions and Grand Canyon helicopter tours start at $219. The add-ons are at extra cost.
  • Combine a speed boat tour with your shooting adventure and expect to pay $505 for the full-day experience.
  • The shooting and off-road racing combination tours cost $629 for a 4-hour excursion from Las Vegas.

Which places are visited during a shooting tour from Las Vegas?

Shooting experiences take place either at a range in Las Vegas, or just outside the city in the Mojave Desert. Some tours include visits to popular attractions in the area:

Mojave Desert

The driest desert in North America makes a great backdrop for your outdoor shooting adventures. This arid landscape is home to vast salt flats and sand basins flanked by craggy peaks.

If you want to explore the desert further, consider taking trips to Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Park.

Hoover Dam

Spanning the Black Canyon and overlooking the Colorado River and Lake Mead, this must be the most dramatically situated dam in the world. Built in the 1930s, the Hoover Dam is an architectural marvel that has to be seen to be believed.

Some Las Vegas shooting tours stop at the famous Bypass Bridge for photos, which may well be the highlight of your day.

Lake Mead National Park

This vast recreation area is the largest in the US, with miles of canyons, lakes, and mountains to discover. Boat trips on Lake Mead and hiking the wilderness trails are a refreshing antidote to the frenetic energy of Las Vegas life.

Grand Canyon

One of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, the Grand Canyon is a paradise for intrepid explorers. Exploring the trails along the rim and down to the Colorado River will make you feel like a true adventurer.

Meanwhile, anyone with a head for heights will love the Skywalk which perches precariously around 4,000 feet above the canyon floor.

The most exhilarating experience is taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, soaring high above the colorful plateau and steep ravines.

How long does a shooting experience last?

Most Las Vegas shooting tours at indoor ranges last between 30 minutes and three hours. Desert shooting excursions in the Mojave are usually half a day.

Longer trips that include a desert shoot plus optional excursions to Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon can last a full day.

When is the best time for a shooting experience in Las Vegas?

Shooting experiences in Las Vegas can be enjoyed all year round. It does get very hot during the summer, so you might prefer to shoot inside at a range rather than in the Mojave Desert between June and August.

Both morning and afternoon shooting tours are available, so you can choose which best fits in with your itinerary.

Which other outdoor activities can be done in Las Vegas?

Travel tips

  • Take sunscreen and wear cool clothing if your Las Vegas shooting experience is out in the desert.
  • Book your tour online ahead of your visit so you can bag the best deals for your chosen dates.
  • The minimum participant age is generally 14 or 15 years, and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • All tours include round-trip transfers from selected hotels in Las Vegas – check with your operator to ensure yours is on the list.