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Lake Atitlan: Day Trips and Tours from La Antigua Guatemala

A day trip to Lake Atitlan from Antigua, Guatemala, is easy and worthwhile. It is one of many popular excursions from Antigua and remains one of Guatemala's most important tourist destinations.

Lake Atitlan is a large freshwater lake with an area of over 15 square kilometers encircled by striking dormant volcanoes and Mayan villages. It is the deepest lake in Central America and is among the most beautiful worldwide.

By visiting Lake Atitlan, you can enjoy a plethora of activities, including adventure and sports, in and around the lake. You can also immerse yourself in well-preserved Mayan culture, and, at an altitude of over 1,500 meters, the climate has a spring-like feel year-round.

How to get to Lake Atitlan from Antigua?

You can drive, take a bus or a guided tour to Panajachel, which is 75 kilometers west of Antigua and the tourist gateway to Lake Atitlan. Travel time is usually two or three hours, depending on your transportation.

From Antigua to Lake Atitlan by car

Depending on traffic conditions, driving a car to Panajachel from Antigua should take around two hours. The drive is a little tricky due to the usual traffic problems in the area and lots of winding mountainous roads.

If you want to drive to Lake Atitlan, leave town via the north and travel west on the Pan-American Highway. Take the exit for RN-1, then follow the signs all the way to Panajachel.

From Antigua to Lake Atitlan by taxi

Local taxis can take you on a day trip to Lake Atitlan from Antigua. Most hotels can arrange a taxi to pick you up. Be prepared for lots of winding through mountains, those prone to motion sickness should prepare.

Shared shuttles from Antigua to Lake Atitlan

Shared shuttles are a convenient way to travel. Most hotels in Antigua can arrange a pickup from your hotel, or you can book online if you want to search for a better price.

From Antigua to Lake Atitlan by bus

A day trip to Lake Atitlan from Antigua is easy to do by bus. Many operators around town have departures leaving in the morning and afternoon.

Local “chicken buses” are another option and are very cheap. They may sound like an exciting experience, but the reality is a hot and cramped bus ride. However, if you have plenty of time and experiencing local culture is your goal, then it is a good option.

Guided tour to Lake Atitlan from Antigua

Guided Lake Atitlan day tours from Antigua are easy to arrange from operators in the city or online. You can remove the stress of independent travel with an informative guided tour.

What is the typical itinerary of a day tour to Lake Atitlan from Antigua?

A day trip to Lake Atitlan typically includes an early-morning pickup, which may be from a designated meeting point or your hotel. You will travel by air-conditioned coach or minivan unless you have organized a private tour by car.

The journey to Lake Atitlan is usually around two hours, though it may be longer if there is a lot of traffic. You will travel on winding roads through the scenic Sierra Madre mountain range.

The first point of arrival is usually Panajachel, where you will likely have lunch before the day's activities.

Whether your activities involve hiking, a lake cruise, village visits or water sports, such as kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding, you will usually end the day with a visit to the handicraft markets in Panajachel, where you can find lots of bargains.

Following your shopping, you may have dinner in Panajachel, or your driver will drive you back to Antigua in time.

What kinds of tours are available to go to Lake Atitlan?

Guided tours to Lake Atitlan from Antigua

Guided Lake Atitlan tours offer various itineraries, from 1-day trips to multiday trips visiting more sights. These trips can take in the surrounding natural wonders or provide multiple activities.

Activities can range from hiking to cliff jumping and everything in between. Quad biking adventures, lake cruises and swimming are other popular activities on offer.

Shuttle transfer without guide to Lake Atitlan from Antigua

Some shuttle transfer tours to Lake Atitlan will pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation. They are often a good deal and allow you to enjoy the scenery and relax while someone else does the driving. Shared or private transfers are available, depending on your preference.

Private tour to Lake Atitlan from Antigua

Private tours offer a higher level of luxury and a more one-on-one experience. You may be able to personalize your excursion to Lake Atitlan to suit your needs, but it depends on your tour operator.

Multiday tour to Lake Atitlan from Antigua

Multiday tours from Antigua will give you more opportunities to explore the area around Lake Atitlan thoroughly. Activities that wouldn’t usually be on a day excursion, such as hiking up one of the volcanoes for sunrise, are more common on these tours.

Day trip to Lake Atitlan plus Chichicastenango from Antigua

Day tours from Antigua may take in the highland town of Chichicastenango before heading to Panajachel and Lake Atitlan. This tour is an interesting experience because Chichicastenango has a vibrant and colorful indigenous market and fascinating architecture.

Day tours to Mayan villages plus Lake Atitlan from Antigua

Experiencing indigenous culture is another adventure waiting to happen. Visiting Mayan villages on a day trip to Lake Atitlan is an opportunity to experience and learn more about Mayan culture.

How much does a tour to Lake Atitlan from Antigua cost?

Due to the range of tours, costs can vary significantly. A guided tour to Lake Atitlan from Antigua will depend primarily on whether it is a private or shared tour. Luxury level and activity range will also impact the pricing.

Generally, guided tours, including transport and simple activities, such as sightseeing and kayaking, start at around G$420 (US$55). However, you can pay anywhere up to G$4,600 (US$600) for more luxurious offerings or excursions with more activities.

What will you see and do at Lake Atitlan?

There are numerous activities to enjoy on your jaunt to Lake Atitlan. If you wish to see many sights, it would be better to pick a 2-day trip from Antigua rather than cramming everything into a single-day trip. Knowing what you want to see and do before choosing a day trip from Antigua will aid your decision.


The three prominent volcanoes at Lake Atitlan are Volcán Atitlán, Volcán San Pedro and Volcán Tolimán. You can hike them all, but San Pedro is the easiest. The recommendation is to climb early in the morning to see the sunrise and avoid the midday heat. Therefore, it is better to book at least a 2-day trip from Antigua for this.

Mayan villages

Day trips from Antigua that offer lake cruises typically visit the surrounding Mayan villages. Some operators provide tours exclusively to do this rewarding activity. Among the most famous villages are San Pedro, San Juan and Santiago.

Access to the villages is only by boat across the lake, which consequently contributes to the preservation of the traditional Mayan culture. On the other hand, the villages are not devoid of facilities, as you can still eat well in excellent restaurants and get a glass of wine in the many bars – San Pedro easily has the best options.

Hiking, walking, relaxing, getting a massage and shopping are just some of the activities on offer in the villages.


Panajachel is the largest town at Lake Atitlan. You can arrange almost any activity from here and, for those on the lookout for souvenirs, it is a shopper's dream. Also, if you plan to stay in the area a little longer than a day trip, there are some fine places to stay, from homestays to luxurious hotels.

Swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding are among Panajachel's most popular water sports. However, some sports as extreme as cliff jumping are also available for the adventurous.

Hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding in the area often starts from Panajachel. Paragliding over the lake from here is another exciting activity on offer for the more daring travelers.

When is the best time to visit Lake Atitlan?

Lake Atitlan has a pleasant climate year-round. However, May to October does bring more rain, with June and September historically being the wettest months. Bring rain protection if you take a Lake Atitlan day tour during these months.

Are there any tours to Lake Atitlan from other cities in Guatemala?

Yes, there are other tours departing from other cities in Guatemala:

Travel tips

  • Keep safe if traveling independently. Avoid driving after dark, and make sure to park in designated car parks.
  • Bring enough food and water when taking a bus trip to Lake Atitlan, as journeys can be interrupted by traffic problems and take up to four hours.
  • Avoid booking tours during Holy Week as traffic volume is excessive. Some operators cancel trips to Lake Atitlan at this time.
  • Changing US dollars to local currency in the area is not always possible. So, bring enough Guatemalan quetzals or use the ATMs in Panajachel.