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Boat Trips and Tours in Kos

Complete your Greek island vacation and embark on a boat excursion from Kos to visit some nearby islands. Since Kos is positioned opposite Turkey, it is possible to visit the Turkish city of Bodrum.

Book a boat trip from Kos to explore the coast, its bays and caves, as well as reach the islands of Nisiro, Kalymnos or Pserinos. The whole Dodecanese archipelago presents many opportunities to swim, snorkel or simply appreciate the coastal marine nature.

What are the best places to visit on a boat trip from Kos?


The Island of Nisyros is located about 20 kilometers from Kos. Nisyros is a volcanic island and is particularly known because it is possible to walk inside the volcano's crater. Nisyros is also home to the monastery of Panagia Spiliani, which is counted among the most beautiful of the Greek islands. The monastery is located in Mandraki, the port town where boat tours arrive.


The island of Kalymnos is located north of Kos and can be easily reached by boat. Kalymnos is not the typical Greek island with sandy beaches and villages with white houses, but it is a mountainous island well known for rock climbing lovers. The island is also famous because its activity was almost entirely linked to sponge fishing.


Pserimos is considered to be an islet belonging to Kalymnos. Pserimos is almost uninhabited: only about 80 people live on the island. Most boat tours that visit Kalymnos also stop in the waters of Pserimos. On the opposite side of the small urban center of Pserimos is Vathy, one of the most famous beaches on the island. The boat trips will stop in Vathy for a refreshing swim.


Plati is an uninhabited islet located between Pserimos and Kalymnos. The island is rocky and wild. Boat tours stop near the shores of the island for swimming and snorkeling.


The lively Turkish town of Bodrum is located right in front of Kos town. Some boat tours include tickets for the ferry between Kos and Bodrum, leaving the day free for travelers to explore the city.

What are the best boat tours from Kos?

Two main itineraries are followed by most boat tours.

Boat tour to the three islands: Kalymnos, Pserimos and Plati

Travel to the most charming coasts and bays of the islands of Kalymnos, Plati and Pserimos. Board a small boat and sail the azure waters to Kalymnos for the first stop of the excursion.

The boat will moor in the port of Kalymnos for a few hours, to allow time to visit the small town or try a tasty Greek lunch.

Set sail in the direction of Pserimos, for the second stop of the tour. The boat will circumnavigate part of the island to reach Vathy, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches. Finally, reach Plati, the rocky and uninhabited islet, for one last swim before returning to Kos.

Boat trip to the volcanic island of Nisyros

Set sail from Kos to the volcanic island of Nisyros. The crossing will take about an hour. When you arrive on the island, a bus will transport you to the top of the volcano.

Your guide will inform you about the history and geological features of the island and the volcano. You will be able to descend into the volcano's crater and see signs of active volcanic activity, such as small geysers or pools of bubbling mud.

Afterward, the bus will take you back to the center of Mandraki, the small port town of the island. Here, you will have time to visit the monastery of Panagia Spiliani, as well as enjoy a great lunch at one of the local restaurants and do some souvenir shopping. In the late afternoon, you will return by boat to Kos.

How much do boat trips from Kos cost?

Boat excursions from Kos are relatively cheap for what they offer.

  • Boat tours to the three islands cost between € 29 and € 51 per person. The lowest price is for a larger boat, which accommodates more people. Small group tours, on the other hand, are slightly more expensive. Either way, the price is a bargain for an 8-hour boat trip.
  • Boat tours and cruises to the island of Nisyros cost around € 30. Again the price is modest for a boat trip of at least 6 hours.

How long does a boat tour from Kos last?

Most boat trips from Kos take between 6 and 8 hours. Plan to have a day off for one of these boat trips.

Where do boat trips leave from Kos?

Boat tours depart from the port of Kardamena in Kos. However, even if you are staying away from the port, the boat tours include a transport service from your hotel to the port. Read the tour description for full details.

What is the best time for a boat tour from Kos?

The best time to take advantage of a boat trip from Kos is definitely the summer. In the months from June to September, temperatures are high and it is possible to enjoy the boat trip as well as swim. April, May and October are also good months for a boat trip, although it can be slightly chilly at times. From November to March, even if the temperature is not very cold on the Greek islands, it gets cold enough not to fully enjoy a boat tour and many tour operators are not active in the winter months.