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Lokrum: Day Trips and Tours from Grad Dubrovnik

Just a short boat ride from Dubrovnik lies the island of Lokrum. Despite its small size, this island is a nature lover's paradise, filled with lush vegetation, secluded coves and dramatic cliffs.

Visitors can also explore the ruins of an ancient Benedictine monastery, or take a dip in a natural lagoon. With its tranquil atmosphere and stunning scenery, day trips to Lokrum from Dubrovnik are the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik for a day. So why not hop on a boat and explore this magical island for yourself?

Here's all you need to know about Lokrum, one of the most exciting day trips from Dubrovnik.

How to get to Lokrum from Dubrovnik?

Lokrum is located around 600 meters off the coast of Dubrovnik in the Adriatic Sea.

From Dubrovnik to Lokrum by boat

The journey to Lokrum from Dubrovnik takes under 20 minutes and boats depart from the Old Town Port. Ferries operate between 9:45 AM and 5 PM, and run up to twice hourly during busy spells.

Guided tours to Lokrum from Dubrovnik

If you choose a guided day trip to make the jaunt to Lokrum, the organization of the ferry will be taken care of for you. Tours last between 1 and 3 hours, and begin at various times throughout the day.

What is the typical itinerary?

Lokrum excursions differ in their itineraries. However, they all depart for the island from the Old Town Port. If you choose to take a Game of Thrones tour, you'll start with a walking tour of the city of Dubrovnik before taking the short ride across to Lokrum.

Once on the island, most tours take you to the remarkably historic Benedictine Monastery of St. Mary. There, you'll learn about the history of the monks that once inhabited the religious site. You'll also visit the Dead Sea Lake and the botanical gardens.

If you select a Game of Thrones tour, you'll amble across the island, viewing sites that feature in the television series. Alternatively, you may decide to kayak to the island and tour its small proximity from the water. As you paddle along the coastline, you'll happen upon secret coves and mysterious caves.

After several hours of learning all about the island, you'll make the short journey back to Dubrovnik where your Lokrum day trip ends.

What kinds of tours are available to go to Lokrum?

There are several different Lokrum day trips available from Dubrovnik, that cover a wide array of interests.

Kayak tour to Lokrum from Dubrovnik

If you wish to see a unique perspective of Lokrum, jump in a kayak and paddle from nearby Dubrovnik. Whether you're an expert or a total novice, you'll be able to participate in this easy kayaking excursion around the tiny islet.

You'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea by swimming, snorkeling or cliff jumping. As you paddle around the island at a leisurely pace, you'll see its pristine gardens and historic monastery.

Game of Thrones tour to Lokrum from Dubrovnik

Fans of the action-packed fantasy series "Game of Thrones" will have the opportunity to see several filming locations in the flesh. You'll begin your tour in Dubrovnik, wandering through the city and learning about the creation of the series.

You'll see several distinguishable sites from the show, including King's Landing and Red Keep. You'll then view the fictitious city of Qarth, which was set on the spectacular island of Lokrum.

Walking tour to Lokrum from Dubrovnik

A walking tour to Lokrum is ideal for those who are fascinated by the history of the small island. Alongside a knowledgeable guide, you'll traverse the islet, stopping by the Benedictine Monastery of St. Mary, which was built in the 11th century.

Here, you'll learn about the curse of Lokrum, which was supposedly placed on the island by the original monks who inhabited the monastery.

You'll also visit other notable locations on the island of Lokrum, including the botanical gardens and the Dead Sea Lake.

How much does it cost?

Walking day tours of Lokrum cost between €20 and €30 per person, and include a guide to fill you in on the secrets of the island. You'll be expected to cover the boat cost from Dubrovnik to Lokrum, which is approximately €30 each.

If you participate in a kayaking day trip to Lokrum, you'll pay between €30 and €40 per person. This includes all equipment and a knowledgeable guide.

Game of Thrones day tours to Lokrum cost between €30 and €200 each. Those on the higher end of this range are private excursions, while more budget-friendly options take place in a group.

What will you see and do?

Lokrum was once covered in wild orange trees, which gave the island its Latin-derived name, meaning sour fruit. Today, it holds a botanical garden, a Benedictine monastery and a scenic lake. The history of the island dates back to the 6th century B.C., although its first noted building is its monastery, erected in 1023.

While the island is home to idyllic gardens and surrounded by crystal waters, there is a darker side to Lokrum. It is said that the Benedictine monks set a curse upon the island as they were forced from their monastery home onto the mainland. Legend has it that the monks were given a set time period to leave the island.

On their final night, they walked the proximity of the isle, dripping a trail of candle wax in their stead and cursing whoever tried to claim Lokrum as their own in the future.

Later, four members of the nobility were charged with taking over the island, however, three met gruesome deaths before they could do so. To this day, Croatian residents are cautious of the cursed island.

Lokrum is also known to be a biodiverse island, with an abundance of olive trees, dense pine forests and fruiting strawberry trees.

Lokrum Botanical Garden

Because of the island's array of plant life, the Lokrum Botanical Garden was constructed, opening in 1959. The garden features plants from across the globe and is now home to over 800 species of flora, despite heavy bombings during the Croatian War of Independence. These include Australian eucalyptus and Jupiter's Beard.

The body of water located on the island is called the Dead Sea Lake as, despite its land-locked location, it is a saltwater lake.

In recent years, the island has grown in popularity because of its appearance in the global sensation "Game of Thrones" series, with dedicated Lokrum day tours that explore its filming destinations.

When is Lokrum open over the year?

Lokrum is open to visitors between the months of April and November.

When is the best time to visit Lokrum?

The best time to plan your Lokrum day tour is during the summer months when the days are long and sunny, and an abundance of flora is in bloom. If you prefer a balmy climate to sweltering heat, choose to visit the island during May or October when temperatures sit at around 22 degrees Celsius.

Travel tips

  • While it is possible to tour Lokrum in around 2 hours, allocate more time to the island to dig deeper into the history of the monastery.
  • If you're embarking on a kayaking day trip to Lokrum, bring a dry pack for your valuables.
  • Day tours usually do not cover the cost of the ferry between Dubrovnik and Lokrum. Carry cash with you for an easy transaction.