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Benaki Museum of Greek Culture: Tickets and Tours

The Benaki Museum, located in downtown Athens, is home to one of the most priceless collections of Grecian art. The building was established in 1930 and was designed in neoclassical style, making it a charming destination inside and out.

Book your Benaki Museum ticket to have a close-up look at thousands of artifacts dating as far back as prehistory. The museum is a popular tourist destination with exhibits from ancient Greece, Rome and the Byzantine Empire.

How much do Benaki Museum tickets cost?

Tickets to visit the Benaki Museum vary by day of the week and time of entry. When buying your ticket, choose between a normal admission or a temporary exhibit visit. The museum offers free entry on Thursdays from 6 PM to 12 AM, excluding some holidays.

Full admission ticket to Benaki Museum

  • Adults (22 and above): €12
  • Students: €9
  • Seniors (over 65): €9
  • Children and young adults under 22: Free

Temporary exhibition ticket to Benaki Museum

  • Adults (22 and above): €8
  • Students: €6
  • Seniors (over 65): €6
  • Children and young adults under 22: Free

The entry ticket price includes a free audio guide, offering information about the Benaki Museum in Greek, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

Some tours provide skip-the-line tickets to Benaki Museum, which you can purchase online to avoid long wait times upon arrival. With this, you’ll have free range of the museum on your own time schedule.

Who is eligible for discounts?

Students and seniors over the age of 65 are eligible for reduced admission at Benaki Museum. Teachers, archaeologists and conservators are also granted the reduced ticket price.

Guests who are members of the Hellenic Chamber of Fine Arts or the Hellenic Ministry of Culture are eligible for reduced entry if they present a membership card at the time of purchase. Any European Youth Card holders will also receive reduced tickets.

What are the best Benaki Museum tours?

Private walking tour of Benaki Museum plus a visit to the Temple of Zeus

When opting for a private walking tour of the Benaki Museum, you’ll have a professional guide to lead you on your journey. You’ll see all the highlights of the exhibits while learning about the historical significance of the many artifacts. This three-hour tour will also stop by the Temple of Zeus, the largest temple in Greece.

Private tour of Benaki Museum plus the Cycladic Art Museum

This private tour will allow you to choose a trip to either the Benaki Museum, the Cycladic Art Museum or both. A licensed professional guide will lead you on your journey as you explore the historical significance behind the exhibits. Approximately 2 hours in length, this tour is the perfect choice for history buffs and art lovers.

Are there any combined tickets or tours including Benaki Museum?

A tour of the Benaki Museum combined with a second point of interest is a great way to save money while on your trip. If you’re interested in seeing multiple attractions while on your tour, grab a ticket for a combined excursion.

  • Private walking tour of Benaki Museum plus a visit to the Temple of Zeus: After exploring the fascinating exhibits within the museum, you’ll head over to the Temple of Zeus to see the incredible fifth-century B.C. landmark.
  • Private tour of Benaki Museum plus the Cycladic Art Museum: This combination tour is perfect for art connoisseurs. After a jaunt to the Benaki Museum, you’ll visit the Cycladic Art Museum to see artifacts from the various Cycladic Islands.

Is it possible to visit the Benaki Museum for free?

Children and youth under age 22, and seniors over age 65 can visit the Benaki Museum for free. Persons with disabilities and individuals with unemployment cards are also allowed free entry.

The permanent exhibition offers free admission to all guests on Thursdays from 6 PM to 12 AM, excluding guided tours and on International Museum Day.

Should you book Benaki Museum tickets in advance?

Purchasing tickets to the Benaki Museum ahead of your trip will allow you to gain quicker entry to the exhibits. This will also ensure tickets do not sell out in the busy summer.

What will you see inside the Benaki Museum?

The Benaki Museum is an accumulation of Grecian art and cultural artifacts from prehistory to the Roman era, with permanent and temporary exhibits.

The collection includes priceless jewelry, sculptures and relics from antiquity, as well as authentic artwork and heirlooms from the Byzantine Empire. While visiting, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about ancient Greece through the preserved art of their people.

The Islamic Art collection is a permanent part of the museum that contains more than 8,000 artifacts from across the globe. The exhibit is one of Europe's most extensive compilations of Islamic art.

Another permanent part of the Benaki Museum is the Vintage Toy collection, which boasts more than 20,000 vintage toys collected from various locations worldwide.

With 13 full-time collections and about two temporary exhibitions at any given time, the Benaki Museum is a must-see Athens's museum.

How to get to the Benaki Museum?

The Benaki Museum is located at the northernmost tip of the National Garden in Athens and is a 20-minute  walk from the Acropolis.

The fastest way to arrive at the Benaki Museum is by car, as the jaunt is a quick 3-minute ride from the Acropolis.

By bus, the journey from the Acropolis to the museum takes 17 minutes with lines 1, 227, 856, A2 and A3. Ride for two stops before exiting and walk seven minutes to arrive at the entrance.

What is the best time to visit the Benaki Museum?

The best time to visit the Benaki Museum is during spring and fall (March to April, and September to November) when it’s less crowded. However, the weather is nicest in Greece between the months of May and August.

The Benaki Museum is an indoor experience, offering a perfect break from the Mediterranean sun or a rainy day. The attraction closes no later than 6 PM every day except for Thursdays, so it would be best to get an early start.

What other museums can be visited in Athens?

Travel tips

  • The Benaki Museum is filled with thousands of Grecian artifacts housed in multiple buildings. Save plenty of time to explore the exhibits!
  • The last entry to the museum is one hour before closing, so make sure to arrive early to get the most out of your experience.
  • The museum is closed on Tuesdays, so plan accordingly.
  • Make sure to wear walking shoes so that you can explore the collections in comfort.
  • Opt for a tour to get the most out of your experience with a professional guide.