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Day Trips and Tours from Athens

Day trips and tours from Athens are a thrilling way to see more of what Greece has to offer. While it would take you quite some time to explore every landmark in the city, these carefully selected excursions showcase the best landscapes outside of Athens.

From traditional villages nestled in the mountains to azure waters sparkling in the sun, Greece is full of stark contrasts for you to explore. If you want to see what traditional life is like beyond the cosmopolitan center, these day trips are sure to deliver.

Cape Sounion

With far-reaching ocean views and the widely revered Temple of Poseidon perched on top, Cape Sounion is a spot to add to your itinerary. The landmark was erected in the fifth century B.C. and made entirely of white marble. Considering the building has been around for over 2,000 years, you can still see a surprising number of its Doric columns.

While you can visit the temple at any time of day, a sunset tour of Cape Sounion is the perfect way to see the legendary monument in its full glory.


Rising up from the plains of central Greece, the rocky outcrop of Meteora is home to a unique collection of monasteries. With its soaring limestone cliffs and stunning views, the rock formation is a truly remarkable place.

And it's not just the landscape that is impressive – the history of Meteora is equally fascinating. For centuries, monks have made this remote location their home, living in simple cells built into the cliffs.

Today, there are six monasteries still in existence and you'll roam them all on a day trip to Meteora. Not only are the monasteries architecturally stunning, but they offer a glimpse into a way of life that has long since disappeared.


Epidaurus is an ancient Greek city located in the Peloponnese region. The city is known for its Sanctuary of Asclepius, the god of healing. The holy building was erected in the fourth century B.C. and is one of the best-preserved temples from that era.

The renowned theater is also a highlight of Epidaurus, and visitors can test its fantastic acoustics on a tour from Athens. If you head to the theater at the right time, you might even witness a musical event.

Saronic Islands

Made up of a collection of small islets, the Saronic Islands include picturesque Hydra, Aegina and Poros among others. These islands are just a short ferry ride from Athens and each individual land mass has its own charms.

On a day trip to the Saronic Islands, you can hop on a donkey and explore the old town of Hydra. Alternatively, you can discover the foodie paradise of Aegina — best known for its world-class pistachios which are added to the iconic dish, fistikato.

From olive groves to archaeological remains, the seven Saronic Islands are captivating to all those who visit.


In case you haven't had your fill of archaeological sites in Athens, a day trip to Delphi will scratch your cultural itch. This UNESCO World Heritage site was once considered the navel of the earth — the most significant spot on the planet.

An oasis dedicated to the god of many subjects — Apollo, Delphi was constructed in the eighth century B.C. and is still remarkably well preserved. There are sacred ruins to be seen and myths to be shared just a few hours up the coast from the capital city of Athens.


Once a thriving city and legendary spot in Greek mythology, Mycenae is now a popular tourist destination that you can explore on a day tour. Legend has it that Mycenae was founded by Perseus and built by cyclopes, before reaching the height of its power in the 16th century B.C.

Mycenae was also known for its wealth, and its citizens built opulent palaces and fortifications. The city eventually fell into decline, but its legacy has lasted for millennia. Visitors to Mycenae can explore the ruins of the citadel, including the famous Lion Gate or see the lavish gold burial mask of Agamemnon.


Corinth is a fascinating destination located in the heart of the Peloponnese region of Greece. You'll discover the ancient city that was mentioned as the location of Paul the Apostle's trial in the Bible, on a day trip from Athens.

While Corinth has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, the Ancient Romans rebuilt the entire city from the ground up in the first century B.C. The Corinth you see today is overflowing with historic monuments and a plethora of artifacts, waiting to be discovered.


The Peloponnese region is located in the southernmost part of the mainland, and is home to some of Greece's most famous archaeological sites. These include the Argolis peninsula which was the center of the Mycenaean civilization as far back as the 18th century B.C., and Olympia.

The site was the location of the first official Olympic Games, which were held in 776 B.C. and had been running for over 500 years prior to official documentation.

Alongside its fascinating ancient ruins, Peloponnese is home to a wealth of mountain scenery, traditional villages and idyllic beaches. You can explore several of its treasures on a day excursion from Athens.