Back in Hong Kong for another trip? You haven’t seen it all. Whether you are a local or a visitor, there are lots of fun activities and sights to experience in Hong Kong. While Disneyland or Ngong Ping are must-do and fantastic attractions, there are also plenty of quirky and alternative things worth doing! Discover our list of 37 fun things to do in Hong Kong, so you can make the best of your trip!

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1 – Play life-sized billiard

Player 11 - Things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Player 11

Player 11 is the first place in Hong Kong to feature a giant pool table that uses bowling ball-sized billiard balls. For this game, you’ve got to rely on your whole body to aim and pocket the ball!


2 – Visit the world’s first MONOPOLY-themed attraction

Monopoly Dreams, Hong Kong
credit to Monopoly Dreams

Witness your childhood board game come to life. Join Mr. Monopoly on an exhilarating adventure and discover his secret residence. Filled with fun installations like Ultimate Banking, Water Works, and a 4DX theater, Monopoly Dreams is a fun place to visit for kids and adults alike.

3 – Try karting at Crazy Car Cafe

Crazy Car Cafe - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Crazy Car Cafe

What happens when cuisine and karts come together? You get Crazy Car Cafe 🙂 Try delicious food, hop on an electric go-kart and have fun with your friends!

4 – Fish and eat at HA Cube

Indoor fishing at HA Cube - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to HA Cube

HA Cube is an indoor fishing shrimp farm, where you can eat all things crustacean, and then enjoy a barbecue of your catch straight afterward. Of all the things to do in Hong Kong, this one is as fun as is delicious!

5 – Smash things up at Ikari Area

Ikari Area - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Ikari Area

Grab a bat and smash things up to release yourself from all negative emotions! At Ikari Area, you will find old fridges, washing machines, and piles of breakable junk that fits perfect for a highly satisfying demolition job!

6 – Experience unique views at Sky100

Sky100 observation deck, Hong Kong

Located on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre in Kowloon district, Sky100 is the highest indoor observation deck in Hong Kong.

ICC, Hong Kong

The views from the Sky100 observation deck are simply breath-taking. Note that nighttime viewing offers the excitement of Hong Kong city’s lights.

7 – Visit a rabbit cafe

Rabbitland - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Rabbitland Cafe

Who doesn’t want to cuddle a rabbit? The small upstairs space, named Rabbitland had a pretty simple concept — tables, chairs and rabbits! Of all the weird things to do in Hong Kong, this one is the cutest one!

8 – Eat your favorite character at a cartoon restaurant

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine - things to do in Hong Kong

Hongkongers love their Japanese cartoon characters – enough to eat them. You’ve watched them on TV, bought the toys and accessories—and now you can eat them as well! Hong Kong has a lot of cartoon restaurants, but the most popular of course is Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine.

9 – Try local desserts

  • Via Tokyo

Via tokyo - things to do in hong kong
Credit to Via Tokyo

Via Tokyo is one of the most popular Japanese dessert shops in Hong Kong. Definitely the must-go place for matcha fans!

Hong Kong, 銅鑼灣 禮頓道106-126號禮信大廈地下1A-1B號舖

  • Oddies Foodies

Oddies Foodies - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Flickr

At Oddies Foodies you will find one of Hong Kong’s most beloved street foods, the egg waffle or “eggette”, with soft serve and a host of other goodies.

  • Honeymoon Dessert

Honeymoon Dessert Hong Kong - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Honeymoon Dessert

Honeymoon Dessert is exact place to go to if you want 1001 options for dessert! No doubts, here you will find all local desserts you would love to try!

  • Dessert kitchen

Finest Dessert Kitchen - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to the Dessert Kitchen

Eating dessert before dinner makes total sense for you? Get ready – this is your heaven – Hong Kong’s Dessert Kitchen is the place, where dessert always comes first!

10 – See some of Hong Kong’s most iconic sites from the sea

boat tours and cruises in Hong KongBook a boat tour and spend an unforgettable night with your loved ones.

Take a ride on a Chinese junk, watch the incredible Symphony of Lights show, sail around Victoria Harbor, or enjoy a romantic dinner on a luxury yacht while admiring the stunning views.

11 – Enjoy Cantonese opera shows

Opera shows in Hong Kong - things to do in Hong Kong

Want to experience Chinese Opera? Check out the schedule of venues offering regular Chinese opera performances: Ko Shan Theatre and New Wing, Yau Ma Tei Theatre and Sunbeam Theatre.

Cantonese opera - things to do in hong kong

12 – Shop like a local

Street market - things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s street market culture is well known everywhere. Street markets are an ideal places to watch local life, to taste local food, and to shop like a local.

  • Goldfish market

Gooldfish market - things to do in Hong Kong

Goldfish Market is full of shops devoted to the raising of many types of fish, from colorful tropical species with gaspingly high price tags to weirdly shaped goldfish. Buy one for your Feng Shui luck!

Tung Choi Street North

  • Cat Street

Cat street - things to do in Hong Kong

Cat Street is a fantastic congregation of antique dealers, curio merchants, and art galleries. You will find some really weird objects from an antique snuff bottle to a cultural revolution propaganda poster!

Upper Lascar Row

  • Bird market

Bird market - things to do in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Bird Market, also known as the Yuen Po Bird Garden is one of those charming little corners of the city! The park has lots of stalls selling exotic birds: from delicate canaries to colorful parrots, also beautifully crafted bamboo cages, porcelain water dishes, and other bird-care paraphernalia.

Yuen Po Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon

  • Flowers market

Flower market - things to do in Hong Kong

Have you ever seen jungles in the street? That’s exactly how Hong Kong’s Flower Market looks like. It’s a jungle of exotic blooms and scents that’s worth immersing yourself in.

Flower Market Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon

13 – Energise your body at Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi - things to do in Hong Kong

Tai Chi has been traditionally practiced for years and is still pretty much a part of Hong Kong culture and life! It is practiced in public parks throughout the city, especially early in the morning – check the schedule of Tai Chi classes at Leisure and Cultural service department!

14 – Have breakfast like a real Hongkonger

Australian Dairy Company - things to do in Hong Kong
credit to Flickr

If you are looking for Hong Kong-style breakfast, Australian Dairy Company is perfect for it. The most famous cha chaan teng in Hong Kong has the best-scrambled eggs that you have ever eaten in your life.

47 Parkes Street, Hong Kong

15 – Take an afternoon tea at the Peninsula

Afternoon tea at Peninsula - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Flickr

It is one of the few rituals left in the city from its colonial period. The tea itself is Earl Grey and comes served with a classical selection of finger sandwiches and freshly baked scones on a tiered silver platter. The presentation will force you to turn your camera on, for sure!

Salisbury Road, Kowloon Hong Kong, SAR

16 – Try snake soup

Snake soup - things to do in Hong Kong

Snake soup is another famous traditional Chinese dish. For its warming properties and medicinal benefits, snake soup has been consumed for over 2,000 years in China. If you’ve never dared to try it before, now’s the time!

17 – Taste the best dim sum in town

Dim Sum - things to do in Hong Kong

Dim sum, Chinese meal of small plates best enjoyed with tea, is one of southern China’s most famous culinary exports. Tim Ho Wan is one the best dim sums spots in Hong Kong! Don’t wait for anything. It is must taste!

18 – Discover authentic food at Chungking Mansions

Chungking Mansions - things to do in Hong Kong

Many would say that Chungking Mansions is a place for cheap guesthouses and currency exchange. But also this building is home to many worthwhile restaurants! It’s only your choice what you prefer to try – what’s about experiencing a taste of Africa without traveling to the continent? 🙂

36-44 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

19 – Visit the Wong Tai Sin Temple

Tai Sin Temple - things to do in Hong Kong

Wong Tai Sin Temple is the most popular temple in Hong Kong. Located in Wong Tai Sin, this temple is home to three religions – Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism – and pays tribute to famous monk Wong Tai Sin. An explosion of colourful pillars, roofs, lattice work, flowers and incense, this busy temple is a destination for all walks of Hong Kong society.

20 – Watch the world’s pinkest dolphins

The pinkest dolphin - things to do in Hong Kong

Get on board and set out on an exciting dolphin watching cruise in the Pearl River Delta! Come and see them for an unforgettable experience – observe these lovely creatures in the wild!

21 – Experience the real glamour of Horse racing

Horse racing - things to do in Hong Kong

Horse racing has been Hong Kong’s most popular sport since the city became a British colony in 1842. The atmosphere here is exhilarating, betting is feverish! Join the locals to watch a horse racing!

22 – Learn how to cook Cantonese food

Cooking classes - things to do in Hong Kong

Embark on a culinary adventure – join a cooking class and discover the secrets of authentic Cantonese cooking!

23 – Discover Central street art

Street Art Hong Kong - things to do in Hong Kong

Take a stroll down the old streets of Central and you will see a dazzling fusion of quirky artistic landmarks. You will find from Wong Chuk Hang to Sheung Wan and Central, the best and most Insta-worthy street art in Hong Kong.

Street art Hong Kong - things to do in Hong Kong

24 – See the real city jungles at Quarry Bay

Quarry bay monster building - things to do in Hong Kong

Known as a “Concrete Jungle”, Hong Kong is famed for its massive skyscrapers. Explore Quarry Bay and the Montane Mansion – a must for any architecture lover visiting Hong Kong for the first time.

25 – Enjoy the view from the top of Prince’s Building

Sevva rooftop - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Sevva Bar

The SEVVA BAR, situated on the 25th floor of the Prince Building in Central, offers not only delicious cocktails and snacks but also a breath-taking view of the city. Sit back, relax and enjoy one of the finest views over the heart of Central.

26 – Swim on top of the world at Ritz-Carlton Pool

Ritz-Carlton Pool - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Ritz-Carlton

In Hong Kong, the city that boasts more skyscrapers than anywhere else, almost everything is done at a height – even swimming. Check out Ritz-Carlton pool for this unforgettable experience!

27 – Discover the most unusual bars of Hong Kong

  • Ophelia

Ophelia - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Ophelia

Travel to the 19th century, to the upscale opium dens! At Ophelia, the waitresses are dressed in cheongsams, and the interiors are decorated with plush furniture, 600 thousand individually hand-painted tiles and intricate metal work.

Shop No41A, 1/F The Avenue, 200 Queen’s Rd E,, Lee Tung St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

  • Wolf market

Wolf market - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Wolf Market

Have fun at the “stock market bar”! Wolf market has a pretty simple – if heart-racing – concept: drink prices fluctuate depending on their popularity!

21 D’Aguilar Street, UG/F – 1/F The Plaza, Central, Hong Kong

  • Iron Fairies

Iron Fairies - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to the Iron Fairies

With a garden of 10,000 butterflies hanging from its ceiling, Iron Fairies has a luxe, dramatic feel! Visit to make sure, and feel it!

  • Feather Boa:

secret bar - things to do in Hong Kong

A local secret… Find the green doors with the curtains, knock and wait patiently for a member of staff to let you in. Feather Boa isn’t easy to discover from the outside. But you certainly won’t forget this experience!

38 Staunton St Hong Kong

  • Lilya Moroccan Lounge and Bar:

Lilya Moroccan Lounge and Bar - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Lilya Moroccan Lounge

Lilya offers a stylish modern take on Moroccan culture. This new lounge and bar is bringing Moroccan flair to Hong Kong’s culinary scene. Once the elevator doors open to the second floor, you are immediately face-to-face with a wall completely covered in colourful slippers evoking a souk or bazaar.

2/F, 77 Wyndham Street

Ozone - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Ritz-Carlton

Enjoy a drink at OZONE, one of the highest rooftop sky bars in the world. A trip up to the 118th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building is simply a must when visiting Hong Kong!

28 – Have fun at Red Mr

Red Mr - things to do in Hong Kong

One of the city’s most popular chain karaoke joints, Red Mr, offers you everything for your night to get crazy. Great food, karaoke, beer pong tables, foosball will keep things interesting throughout the whole night!

29 – Party like an animal at Volar

Volar - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Volar

Located in the centre of Lan Kwai Fong, Volar stayed on the top by its design and musical directions. Experience two different music beats – jump from commercial and hip-hop tunes in the main room, to more bass-heavy tracks in the house and EDM room!

Basement 38, Ho Lee Commercial Building, 44 D’Aguilar St, Central, Hong Kong

30 – Discover the old fishing village of Tai O

Tai O fishing village - things to do in Hong Kong

Located on the Western coast of Lantau Island, Tai O is a quaint and picturesque village. It’s home to the Tanka people, a community of fisher folk who’ve built their houses on stilts above the tidal flats of Lantau Island for generations.

31 – Get high at the Dragon‘s Back trail

Dragon‘s back - things to do in Hong Kong

Adventure into the Dragon’s back trail, which takes you across mountain ridges, secluded forests, and white sand beaches. Fall in love with the views of the deep blue South China Sea from the peak and have some rest at the white sands of Tai Long Bay where you can swim or even surf!

Dragon's back trail - things to do in Hong Kong

32 – Explore Plover Cove by bike

Plover Cove - things to do in Hong Kong

Discover secret waterfalls and lush forests! Enjoy the beauty of one of the most underpopulated and pristine parts of Hong Kong – Plover Cove!

Plover Cove bike ride - things to do in Hong Kong

33 – Trek in Hong Kong’s national parks

Get ready for a journey full of wild nature!

  • Lion Rock Country park

Lion Rock Country park - things to do in Hong Kong

This park includes a wide upland region set between North Kowloon and Shatin. Tie your laces, hit the best hiking trail in Hong Kong and be ready for the most spectacular views of the city!

  • Sai Kung Country park

Sai Kung Country park - things to do in Hong Kong

Sai Kung Country park occupies a vast area of east Sai Kung Peninsula and High Island. There are numerous scenic spots and choices of country trails within the park, where you will find the most famous beaches in Hong Kong!

  • Tai Tam Country park

Tai Tam Country park - things to do in Hong Kong

Tai Tam Country park covers central and eastern Hong Kong Island. Take a magical hiking trail and find great green vistas, four reservoirs, dams to investigate, bridges to cross, jungles, city and sea views, WWII fortifications, and even swimming turtles!

  • Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park

Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park - things to do in Hong Kong

Located in the North of the Sai Kung West Country Park, Marine Parks is home to over 60 species of coral and 120 fish species.

  • Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark

Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark - things to do in Hong Kong

Covering 50 sq km of Hong Kong’s northeast coastline, Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark is made up of two distinct geological regions and eight named sites that range from islands to volcanic rocks, sea caves, cliffs, and even a tombolo (tidal spit). Visiting this park is one of the things to do in Hong Kong, you can not miss!

34 – Visit the abandoned town of Ma Wan

Ma Wan Village - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Flickr

Ma Wan Village is an empty shell of its former self — it is a ghost town, vacated by its inhabitants and forgotten by almost everyone else. Located between the larger Tsing Yi and Lantau islands on the Ma Wan channel, hop back in time and see the ghost town before it too gets redeveloped.

35 – Fall asleep under the stars at Mingle Farm

Mingle Farm - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Mingle Farm

Go glamping (AKA glamourous camping) in Yuen Long in an aecosphere — a transparent bubble-shaped tent — and fall asleep under the stars. Hong Kong’s Mingle Farm is this funky ‘farm’ where you can choose to sleep in a half-transparent spherical tent, a bouncy castle, a caravan or a foldable house.

36 – Watch old Hong Kong movies

Hong Kong Film Archive - things to do in Hong Kong
Credit to Flickr

The Hong Kong Film Archive hosts regular screenings of movie gems from Hong Kong’s past, including many silent films and black-and-white films. Check out the schedule and choose a movie you want to see! Some of them you can enjoy for free!

37 – And after all, make a wish at Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree…

Wishing tree - things to do in Hong Kong

Write your desire on small joss paper scrolls and then tie them onto branches or throw them into the tree. The higher the wish got stuck, the better chance it had to come true! Worth trying! 🙂

We hope our list will help you to make the most of your stay in Hong Kong! If you have some other cool things to do in Hong Kong, share the fun in the comments below.

Enjoy this magical city!