things to do in Goa

Whether you’re seeking a nature-filled paradise of tropical forests, and mangroves, exploring some of India’s tallest waterfalls, and incredible wildlife or you’re on the hunt for the hottest beach parties, fun bars, and exquisite seafood – you must “go-a” to Goa, India.

Although known as India’s smallest country, don’t be fooled or worse, skip out on what India’s western state offers compared to some of the country’s more popular cities.

Divided into two districts, North Goa and South Goa, many of the activities and things to do are scattered through these two districts. The capital city Panaji is also the central cultural city in northern Goa, while the city of Margao is the central cultural city of southern Goa.

From swimming under some of the most healing waters, taking a wild hike to catch some of India’s rarest birds, to learning about the deep Portuguese influence as a colony for over 400 years, it won’t take long to become enthralled with all that Goa has going on.

If this got you excited to learn more, let’s jump into the list of fun and unusual things to do in Goa, that we’re sure you’ll love.

1 – Visit and enjoy the sights near the historical forts in Goa

historical forts in Goa

Look up and around at the lighthouse and preserved conditions of the 2-floored, 17th-century Aguada Fort, located on Sinquerim Beach and overlooking the magnificent Arabian Sea.

Climb up the narrow stairs towards the Chapora Fort, renamed by the Portuguese after the Muslim ruler Shahpura. The climb takes around 10 minutes but grants visitors a beautiful view of nearby Vagator Beach.

Surrounded by beautiful, towering palm trees is Reis Magos Fort, located on Mandovi River, named after the Portuguese word for Three Wise Men. Learn about its multiple uses from being the home to Portuguese nobles to a prison, while learning about its religious past.

Dating back to the 1750s, Corjuem Fort became the property of Portuguese India and was used as a defense fort for military use. Later on, the fort became used as a military school. Today, you can visit the fort and take in the beautiful countryside views.

Check out the colorful and vibrant Ponda Fort which is also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Fort. Renovated as recently as 2017, explore the different influences from Muslim to Portuguese, the details will stand out to you as you walk through the fort.

Be sure to book a memorable tour with an archaeologist, who will show you beyond what the typical visitor will see on a self-guided tour, unearthing even more secrets and facts about the forts.

2 – Find incredible deals at Mapusa Municipal Market

Mapusa Municipal Market, Goa

Located in the town of Mapusa, about an hour away from Goa, is the open-air market housing 173 shops, spanning an area of 3 blocks where you can find anything from jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, home goods, food ingredients, and much more.

Known nationally and internationally as one of Goa’s oldest markets, make sure to put the Mapusa Municipal Market on your list of things to do in Goa especially if you want to buy a few unique souvenirs.

Although the market is open every day from Monday-Saturday, Fridays seem to be the days to go to the market as that is when sellers from farmers, traders, crafters, and more come to showcase their products like a tradeshow. You’ll get to sample new products, try new foods, and get a good deal.

3 – Step inside the Churches in Old Goa (Goa Velha) to admire their history and interior designs

Churches in Old Goa

Recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage organization, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is a Roman Catholic church, and a religious space located in the region of Konkan (Old Goa).

One of the reasons for its importance is due to the church being the resting place of St. Francis Xavier, which is open for visitors to explore and learn more about.

Another Catholic cathedral in Goa, and known as one of the largest cathedrals in Goa is Sé Cathedral, known officially as The Sé Catedral de Santa Catarina.

Admire the Portuguese-Gothic architecture on the exterior, as you step inside to visit the crown jewel of the church, the Cross of Miracles, as well as the beautiful paintings showcasing the life of Saint Catherine.

The Church of St. Francis of Assisi is attached to the Sé Cathedral and boasts a few altars inside, as well as chapels nearby. Step inside the convent-turned-archaeological museum to learn about the findings discovered throughout time in the church, on display.

Finished in 1661, the Church of St. Cajetan welcomes visitors to view the statues of the saints’ Peter, Paul, John, and Matthew, as well as the different altars inside, one of which is to St. Cajetan. Learn about the bodies of the Portuguese soldiers that were laid to rest underneath, before being sent off to Lisbon.

4 – Get cultured inside the Museum Of Goa

Museum Of Goa, India

Walk through the 3-floors of the Museum of Goa, offering a variety of cultural events and activities put on by the institution.

From art galleries showcasing local artists’ work to putting on plays and other art performances, workshops, book signings, lectures, film screenings, and discussions, be rest assured that you’ll find something that you’ll want to attend.

Make sure to check out their online calendar to see upcoming events, definitely worth a visit as some events are held in English.

Stroll through the Sculpture Garden, showcasing various tall structures and figures by local artists, in a creative and colorful environment, and afterward step inside MOG Cafe for some traditional dishes of the region to refuel.

The Museum of Goa is located just 20 minutes away from the Mapusa Municipal Market and is open from 10 am-6 pm.

5 – Catch some sun rays and beach vibes at the best beaches in North Goa

best beaches in North Goa

Enjoy tons of things to do in Anjuna Beach, known as the best beach in Goa for its beautiful clear waters and abundant water activities. Make sure to visit on Wednesdays when they host the weekly flea market on the beach.

Looking for luxurious restaurants and spectacular beach nightlife? Baga Beach is the place for you! Here you can also enjoy incredible water sports from paddle boarding to parasailing, and more.

Situated near Baga Beach is Calangute Beach, where you can enjoy a beach day with friends, bringing snacks and taking in the beauty of the beach. By night, the ambiance comes alive with the sound of live music.

Taking the title as one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa is Arambol Beach, due to its sleepy fisherman village vibes and sights. Enjoy the little beach restaurants nearby, as you take in the glorious sunset and stillness of this beach.

Take in the views of the forest on Sinquerim Beach, offering beachgoers one of the most scenic beaches in Goa. Be sure to pack your sunscreen and swimsuit for a day of swimming and laying out to catch the perfect suntan.

Reserve your beach chair at Ozran Beach, a popular destination for beach lovers for its scenic sights, of beach, sand, trees, and rocky terrain. Other than swimming and watersports, people also enjoy some rugged biking on the rocks.

Home of India’s largest electronic music festival is Candolim Beach, amongst other live music and dance festivals. Enjoy the local restaurant shacks nearby offering traditional foods, in a fun beach environment.

Take a seat in one of the best beach bars at Vagator Beach, and take in the mystical sight of the iconic red cliffs nearby. There is always a crowd at Vagator Beach, from children, and families, to young backpackers, spotting the best restaurants.

Take in the waves at Ashvem Beach, located nearby some of Goa’s other best beaches. Multiple events take place at Ashvem Beach, from outdoor exercise classes to meditation, and yoga classes, as well as live music.

6 – Learn about the impressive history of Goa at the Archaeological Museum of Goa

Archaeological Museum of Goa, India

Overtaken by the Archaeological Survey of India, the Archaeological Museum of Goa is situated in what used to be the church of St. Francis of Assisi in Old Goa.

Walk through the various galleries, where you’ll find historical documents and findings dating back to the prehistory of Goa, all the way through pieces and examples of naval ships used by the Portuguese.

Admire the statute of the national poet of Portugal, Luis Vaz de Camoes, and the religious artifacts brought to India via Goa through the Portuguese.

Explore through the portrait galleries, showcasing images of Catholic saints, and maps of old Portuguese forts, sitting next to temple artifacts and iconography examples.

The museum has a total of 7 galleries with multiple other bonus rooms covering extensively the history of Goa.

7 – Smell the amazing aromas inside the Spice Plantations of Goa

Spice Plantations of Goa

Let the aromas of the Spice Plantations in Goa entertain your senses on a tour, taking you through the lush and fruitful countryside of the region not to miss.

Starting off with the Tropical Spice Plantation, visit the lush farm where you’ll be surrounded by colorful fruits, as you are welcomed by the plantation staff with ornate garlands of flowers. As your sense of smell is entertained, keep an eye out for the abundant bird varieties that call this spice paradise home.

Don’t forget the beautiful herbs growing in Sahakari Spice Farm, where you’ll be able to spot some elephants roaming throughout the 130 acres of the farm. Don’t miss the growing herbs and spices adorning nature and air with their scents. Step inside the restaurant on-site to get a taste of the ingredients in regional cooking

Step inside the Pascoal Spice Farm, where you can walk through the 50-acre farm. Take a tour with a guide, showing you a variety of spices, for cooking use, as well as medicinal use, and other beautiful plants native to the area.

Savoi Spice Plantation is a farm that is run by a local family and welcomes visitors to step inside and breathe in the pure air, fragrant of the many spices, plants, and fruits that they are growing. Towards the end of your time there, you can even purchase a basket of fruit for the road.

8 – Visit the mystical temple of Shree Shantadurga Mandir

Shree Shantadurga Mandir, Goa

Situated on the western coast of Goa in the town of Ponda Taluka is the sacred and magnificent Shree Shantadurga Mandir, a temple dedicated to the Goddess Shree Durga, who is believed to have many mystical powers for the people of Goa.

Though the original temple was destroyed by the Portuguese, it was later reconstructed in 1713, during the Maratha Empire. Walk through the religious complex, and admire the beauty of the design, donning a typical red and white Saraswat Architectural style, with roman-arched windows and stained glass windows.

Entrance will be granted easier if you enter with a tour group due to temple rules that will ensure that you know and understand the rules, dress code, and respect to entering the holy site.

9 – Enjoy the chilly fun at Snow Park Goa

Snow Park Goa, India

Take a break from the heat, and go somewhere where you can cool off and have tons of winter sports fun at Snow Park Goa.

From sledding, snowboarding, building a snowman, or even having a snowball fight, there is truly so much to do and enjoy with your friends and family while visiting this winter wonderland in Goa.

Have fun while the DJ plays your favorite songs, and snap a selfie with the snowman that you built, truly making everyone from children to adults beam with happiness and forget about any stresses.

Worried you didn’t pack clothes for this experience and weather? The park offers all the cold gear you would need to jump in the snow for a while.

Buy tickets on their website, starting at INR 500, for adults and children.

10 – Swim under the gushing Harvalem Waterfalls

Harvalem Waterfalls, Goa

Make the trip to the inspiring Harvalem Waterfalls, located in northern Goa where you’ll fall in love with the sights and sounds of the cascading waters over 70 meters high, and the virtually untouched natural area surrounding the waterfall.

Enjoy a swim in the water that collects at the bottom of the waterfall, which is best enjoyed during the rainy season (Mid-June to October), bring a picnic to enjoy, or hike around the beauty of the waterfall.

If you don’t have a car or a friend with a car to take you to the waterfalls, consider taking a Harvalem Waterfalls tour, which includes roundtrip transportation, a tour around the prehistoric caves, and a visit to Rudreshwar temple, and even a paddle boat experience.

11 – Escape the humidity and visit the Waterparks in North Goa

best waterparks in North Goa

Looking for things to do in Goa with kids?

Located in the coastal town of Anjuna, in northern Goa is Splashdown Waterpark. Though it’s a smaller waterpark, you can rest assured that your kids will enjoy the 5 small pools, while you slide down one of the many slides catered to older kids.

Have fun at Nagesh Water World, located in the town of Ponda, in northern Goa. Enjoy the variety of water activities and fun situated in the middle of the nature of the town, swimming in the pools, each with different depths, and the fun waterslides.

Choose from riding the roller coasters in the adventure park or taking a swim in the waterpark, both available within Shavraj Eco Farm Goa. When purchasing your ticket, you can choose basic entry into one or both of these parts of the park, and you can even bundle it up with a lunch pass.

12 – Look up at the last remaining St. Augustine Tower at the Ruins of St. Augustine

Ruins of St. Augustine, Goa

Found in Old Goa are the ruins of St. Augustine Tower, which belonged to a church built by the Augustine followers after arriving in Goa in 1587.

Though it was abandoned in 1853, the church fell apart over time with only 1 out of the 4 towers of the church – the St. Augustine Tower – remaining.

Today, you can visit what is left of the ruin, which is still standing, and you can also enter the Museum of Christian Art where you can find interesting and even shocking items, artifacts, and paintings found in the excavations of the church.

Learn about the story behind the church, the tower, the Augustine followers, and beyond.

13 – Walk between Shree Mangesh Temple and Mangeshi Temple

Shree Mangesh Temple and Mangeshi Temple, Goa

Visit the beautiful temples of Shree Mangesh and Mangeshi, located in Ponda taluk, and only a 5-minute walking distance from each other.

Surround yourself with the ornate beauty of the Shree Mangesh Temple, where you can look at the details of the typical Hindu architecture style of the temple, as well as its tall, white towers.

Learn about the location in which the temple is currently situated, and what the Portuguese had to do with the change of the temple’s location.

Walk over 5 minutes to Mangeshi Temple, and also the beauty of the white and blue temple, learning about the history and respect for Lord Shiva.

When preparing for a day visiting temples, make sure to consider the local dress code. Entry into the temples is free of charge.

14 – Bike through the beauty of Divar Island

Divar Island, Goa

Brimming with both natural and spiritual importance, make sure to visit Divar Island situated on Mandovi River, in northern Goa.

Make sure to visit the numerous churches and temples, some as old as 400 years old, and still standing as well as the pilgrimage site for the holiest shrine of the Kadamba dynasty, which has survived multiple destructions.

Book a fun bike tour to travel through Divar Island, and get to see all the sights, exploring the divine sites of nature all around, and finish the day catching a beautiful sunset on the island.

You can also book a ferry and lunch as part of your experience on Divar Island, to further help you plan your trip to the must-see island.

15 – Walk beside the fascinating rock-cut Arvalem Caves

Arvalem Caves, Goa

Explore the mysterious caves that are still causing a stir amongst scholars nationally and internationally, trying to navigate the origin and purpose of the rock-cut Arvalem Caves, also known as the Pandava Caves.

Locate in Northern Goa in Sanquelim, the Arvalem Caves are said to possibly date back to the 6th century. Due to some of the excavations done at the site, various items and artifacts have given some clues as to who carved the caves, why, and their purpose.

Surrounded by lush tropical jungle, and divided into 5 sections, make sure to visit the caves, learn more about them from the knowledgeable guides on site, and gather up the clues to come up with your own conclusions on the fascinating origins of the caves.

16 – See the state animal of Goa and other local animals at the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa

Located in Ponda taluka in northeastern Goa, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most famous zoos in the region, counting with a great variety of local animals from Indian Bison, Indian Peafowl, the Sambar deer, and the Gaur, the state of animal of Goa, and many more animals.

Spanning an area of 8 square kilometers, make sure to climb on top of some of the watchtowers located in the zoo, designed specifically to be able to give further access and views of the animals down below.

Aside from providing entertainment for visitors, the sanctuary also helps to protect, care for, and heal endangered animals of the region, which also helps animal zoologists for research and study purposes.

Entry tickets for adults start at INR 10 and INR 5 for children.

17 – Shop till you drop at Anjuna Market

Anjuna Market, Goa

Looking for something to bring back home to family and friends, or something for yourself?

The Anjuna Market is the place to be, and check out for some of the best locally-made crafts, accessories, clothing, jewelry, and much more.

Gaining an increased population in the last few years, the growth of the market has extended from a small beach market to spilling onto its surroundings and coming to life starting as early as 7 am, all the way into the early hours of the next day.

With that being said, if you plan on visiting and you want to avoid crowds, market-goers suggest visiting as soon as they open, or later after 4 pm. Also, make sure to bring cash, as that is typically the main accepted payment method.

The market takes place on Wednesdays.

18 – Stroll the streets of the picturesque Latin Quarter of Fontainhas

Latin Quarter of Fontainhas, Goa

History buffs make sure to make your way to the picturesque Latin Quarter called Fontainhas, making you feel like you’ve flown 15 hours to Lisbon, Portugal.

With its colorful houses, distinct Portuguese architecture and style, and pretty little cobblestone streets, as well as multiple activities and events, you’ll want to stick around Fontainhas for a while.

Located in Panjim, the Latin Quarter of Fontainhas is not far from the beautiful beaches that Goa is known for, making it easy to plan for both activities.

Step inside one of the many art galleries to view local artists’ work, take a historic walking tour of the neighborhood, and even get the chance to go inside some of the heritage homes.

Visit the historic Chapel of St. Sebastian, and visit the Virgin Mary statue as well as a unique crucifix.

19 – Walk through the gardens and fountains of the Safa Masjid mosque

Safa Masjid mosque, Goa

Be dazzled by the Safa Masjid mosque, which translated from Arabic means “pure mosque” known as one of the oldest mosques in India, dating to 1560, and one of the only ones left after the Portuguese colonization era.

Upon entering the complex, your eyes will be drawn to the stunning blue waters of the masonry tank and white mosque with its ancient red-tiled roof, before looking over at the pristine gardens and the sight and sound of the lovely fountains.

According to locals, if you want to see the sight come especially alive, if you can, visit the mosque during the Islam celebration of Eid. Take a respective moment to contemplate the serene nature of this site, located in Ponda.

20 – View a variety of birds at the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Goa

Named after the bird expert Dr. Salim Ali, the bird sanctuary situated on Chorão Island is a destination not to be missed by nature and wildlife lovers, where you can walk through the beautiful habitat of the Frogmouths, Treeswifts, Cuckoos, and various ducks, geese, and more.

Aside from the beautiful sights and sounds of the sanctuary, you’ll be walking through mangroves, over bridges, and a bountiful ecosystem, feeling like you’re the only one there.

The best time to plan a trip to the sanctuary is during the low-tide season, which you can check online to see the conditions of the tide when you’re in Goa. A  bird sanctuary tour may be the best option in order to successfully enter.

The best time to see the birds in their natural habitat is early in the morning.

21 – Tour through the Goan state capital Panaji

Panaji, Goa

Panaji is the capital of the state of Goa and is located on the northern side of the state, offering its own great set of cultural things to do and sights to see.

Maruti Temple is a sacred temple in Panaji, dedicated to Lord Hanuman, distinctive for its circular tower, and red, white, and orange colors. Make sure to visit it at night when the lights turn on, giving the temple a magnificent look.

Unmissable is the Altinho Hill district, taken straight out of a postcard, and only a 5-minute drive from Fontainhas Latin Quarter. Walk through the lavish residential neighborhoods, until reaching the top of the hill, onto Bishop’s Palace.

Check out the Goa State Museum, also known as the Goa Archaeology Museum, where you’ll find galleries and collections showcasing historical archives, excavated items, examples of local crafts, and even geological findings.

Lastly, the Kala Academy is always hosting a number of events in its cultural center, from theater, dance performances, art displays, and more. Be sure to check their website for more updated information.

22 – Snap a selfie with your favorite celebrity at the Wax Museum

Wax Museum, Goa

The Benz Celebrity Wax Museum, located in the northern town of Arpora, houses approximately 30 different sculptures, representing various celebrities nationally and internationally.

Be ready to meet with your favorite (wax) celebrity, and then afterward you can check out the other fun activities to do such as watching a film in 9D or getting rowdy with a game of bumper cars with your friends.

Wax World Museum is another fun place to visit, although a bit smaller than Benz Celebrity Wax Museum, it’s still worth a visit if you like visiting Wax Museums. Here you’ll most likely find historical figures and celebrities of Indian origin.

The Wax World Museum is only a 4-minute walk from the Basilica of Bom Jesus, making it easier to visit both in one day.

23 – Explore more historical churches in North Goa

best churches in North Goa

Brimming with Portuguese Baroque style architecture, the Immaculate Conception Chuch located in Panjim sits on a hill overlooking the city. When visiting, take a look up towards the bell, as it is known as the second-largest bell in Goa. For those interested, this church offers service every day in English.

Check out the beautiful Neo-Gothic architecture of Mae De Deus Church, sitting in the middle of a tropical wonderland, and standing out against the lush greenery with its white facade, and red tiled roof.

Step inside to view the altar dedicated to Mother Mary, as well as altars dedicated to the crucifixion of Jesus and Our Lady of the Rosary. Mae De Deus Church is open to visitors, and located in Saligao, in northern Goa.

24 – Take a swim in Arambol Sweet Water Lake

Arambol Sweet Water Lake, Goa

Perhaps one of the most unique natural sights to see in Goa, you’ll feel instantly relaxed by the tons of opportunities to sit or swim in Arambol Sweet Water Lake.

On one side of Sweet Water Lake, you will find a long beach, and towards the end of the beach, around 2 kilometers away, you’ll find a calm and beautiful blue lake surrounded by a tropical forest.

Take a stroll through the beauty of Kalacha Beach, as you walk through the powder-like sand, said to have some type of healing influence.

Located in Arambol, you’ll be near great local restaurants and beach shacks where you can buy a light snack or heartier meal, as you relax on the shores of the lake, underneath a large palm tree.

25 – Be surrounded by the beauty of butterflies at Mystic Woods by The Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa

Mystic Woods by The Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa

Found in the district of Ponda is the wildly beautiful Mystic Woods by The Butterfly Conservatory of Goa where you get to walk through the magical fields and gardens where butterflies of many varieties live, and fly through and around you.

Housing approximately 100 different butterfly species, you will also find bees and birds beautifying the sanctuary’s ambiance.

Started by a couple with a love for nature, you will see the radiance of the gardens of the sanctuary, with plants and flowers of different shapes, colors, and sizes, everywhere, including the rooftop garden not to miss.

Rejuvenate your feet by dipping them in the natural fish spa as you listen to the beautiful sound of birds.

Entrance into the sanctuary starts at INR 100 per person.

26 – Visit the centuries-old Shree Nagesh Maharudra Mandir

Shree Nagesh Maharudra Mandir, Goa

Visit the ornate and beautiful Hindi temple Shree Nagesh Mahaudra Mandir, dedicated to Lord Naguesh, essentially Lord Shiva, said to be capable of bestowing miracles.

Walk through the beautiful temple complex, viewing the white and red-tiled roof, detailed in gold figures, surrounded by beautiful palm trees and other plants. The temple faces west, due to religious prayer rituals, and also has a large pond at the bottom of the temple.

Book a guided tour of this temple, and more on a Goa Temples Tour, where you’ll be able to receive guidance, and knowledge from a local tour guide, as well as be provided with transportation, which is especially important since many of the temples are a bit difficult to get to without a car.

Goa Temples Tours start at $46 USD.

27 – Speed through some fun at Goa Karting

Goa Karting, India

Looking for some fun to add to your list of things to do in Goa? Consider checking out an evening at Goa Karting, a 340-meter-long go-kart track with narrow tracks and curvy turns, perfect for a night of challenge and fun.

Speed through the tracks surrounded by the tropical beauty of Goa, where with your entrance, you’ll be granted the safety gear and access to the go-karts.

Goa Karting is located in the town of Arpora and is open all year around. If you drive there or bring a scooter, parking is free. The fee to play is INR 350 for 10 laps, and the standard height to play is 5′ 2″.

Children 18 and older must be accompanied by an adult.

28 – Experience fun island life on Chorão Island

Chorão Island, Goa

Famous for its stunning nature of mangroves, wildlife, and serenity, Chorão Island is brimming with cultural and nature activities to do, many of which will give you a glimpse into the Indo-Portuguese cultural blend.

Feel the spiritual experience of entering the Shree Devki Krishna Temple, as you take in the beautifully carved doors and bright colors of the temple. View the examples of Portuguese influence on the island by visiting the Roman Catholic chapel of St. Jerome and St. Bartholomew’s church.

For an added dose of fun, make sure to book a Feni Urrack tasting, two fruity alcoholic drinks, and refreshing cocktails, while meeting with locals and other fun visitors. The best way to get to the island is via a ferry, which you can gain access to, plus a guide, with a Chorão Island tour.

29 – Experience the Sunday temple rituals at Shri Mahaalasa Narayani Temple

Shri Mahaalasa Narayani Temple, Goa

Dedicated to Shri Mahalasa Narayani is the Shri Mahaalasa Narayani Temple, located in Mardol, Ponda.

Though the temple complex is a bit smaller in comparison to a few other Hindu temples, the story behind its origins is one to learn, with some saying that the original temple was in Nepal.

Today, you can enter the temple complex, enjoy the ornate architecture, and vivid colors of the temple, and see the large brass bell, dating back hundreds of years. If you can visit during religious festivals, many of which are held at this temple.

If you can’t, consider visiting on a Sunday, when you can see how the deities’ followers remove the icon from the temple, adorn it with strings of flowers, and chant together.

30 – Getaway to Socorro Plateau for awesome bird watching

bird watching in Goa

Discover the magic of Socorro Plateau known for its incredible bird-watching opportunities, from birds like the spotted dove, the Black Kite, the Common Lora, and much more.

If you didn’t consider yourself a bird watcher before, you will after visiting this bird sanctuary, situated in the middle of the abundant grassland dotted with trees, and small hills. Bring your camera, and be ready to capture the birds in their natural habitat, as you stroll past beautiful streams of water.

Due to the remote location of the Socorro Plateau, one of the best ways to ensure a smooth experience is to book a Bird Watching experience in Goa tour, where you’ll be offered transportation, a local guide, and so much more.

Bird-watching experiences start at $26 USD.

31 – Visit the first-ever Christian art museum in Asia at the Museum Of Christian Art

Museum Of Christian Art, Goa

Found within a 17th-century convent is the Museum of Christian Art (MoCA) found on the Holy Hill in Old Goa, next to the St. Augustine Tower.

Walk through the incredible collection of cultural, spiritual, and historical art pieces that represent the Portuguese influence in India.

Within the walls of the MoCA, you can expect to find a variety of Christian art pieces, ranging from paintings, sculptures, icons, furniture, jewelry, textiles, and much more.

Many of the pieces found inside the art museum were excavated through the rubble of abandoned churches, and ruins of holy spaces that were left after the Portuguese era.

Make sure to see it for yourself, for the fee of INR 100, with the bonus option of guided tours for an additional price.

32 – Treat your taste buds to a food tour

food tours in Goa

From taste testing the regional alcoholic drink, Feni to joining a neighborhood walking tour with multiple foods and drink stops, or booking an exclusive street food crawl and all, you can bet that you’ll have the best time meeting locals, and appreciating Goan food on a delicious food tour.

Known for its savory dishes like Goan Fish Curry, on a food tour you’ll be able to see the Portuguese influence in local cuisine with dishes like Fish Recheado, Pork Vindaloo, and the Indo-Portuguese dessert Bebinca.

Get to know the influence of food in everyday Goan life for locals, and see just how much it has changed throughout the different eras in Goan history.

Some food tours start at $17 USD.

33 – Learn about the fascinating solar system, and then some at the Goa Science Centre & Planetarium

Goa Science Centre & Planetarium

Located in the state capital of Goa, a must-visit place to visit is the Goa Science Centre & Planetarium, bringing science to life with its multiple experimenting rooms.

Everything from the fascinating digital planetarium showing the wonderful world of constellations, planets, and outer space theories, or the trippy 3D Fantasy Show, and a surround sound theater system that makes it seem like the images jump out of the screen.

Perfect for children and families, make sure to visit the 2 major galleries displaying more science topics as well as mysteries of the ocean in fun and interactive ways.

Check out the funny and trippy Mirror Magic Show, and learn about how everyday things work inside the Fun Science Gallery.

Entry tickets start at INR 20.98.

34 – Be amazed at the beauty of the Lamgao Buddhist Caves and their surroundings

Lamgao Buddhist Caves, Goa

Tucked into the wild nature of the village of Lamgao, in northern Goa is the fascinating and historic Lamgao Buddhist Caves, which signify Buddhist Monks due to their interesting history intertwined with the Buddhist faith and rituals.

The caves were used as shelters and homes for monks to spend time into practice the life of a monk in seclusion and nature.

Learn about the incredible mining history involved in these caves, as well as the importance of the beautiful streams and springs nearby not only providing magical views but also used by Buddhists throughout time to drink from.

Check out the stone-carved deity statues of shiv lingam, hand carved by the locals, as well as the ornate and beautiful stone-carved rocks, and their engravings.

35 – Savor the thrill of bungee jumping toward Mayem Lake

Mayem Lake, Goa

Don’t just feel, but experience in your own skin the thrill of bungee jumping 55 meters down to Mayem Lake while viewing the incredible forest greenery surrounding you.

As you approach the jump-off platform, take in the sweeping views and feel the fresh air as you’re gearing up to take the bungee jump of your life towards the green waters of Mayem Lake, as everyone cheers you on.

Those who feel nervous about the experience, rest assured that the experience is approved by the state Ministry of Tourism, and the staff has been rated highly by previous visitors for their professionalism and experience.

Booking a bungee jumping adventure can ensure that you also receive transportation included in the price you pay, therefore securing the whole activity in one go.

36 – Live it up at the Saturday Night Market

Saturday Night Market, Goa

The Saturday Night Market is the place to be when you’re in Arpora, with a buzzing nightlife ambiance of music, food, and tons of people shopping and socializing together.

Tucked in the fragrant mango orchards in Arpora, the Saturday Night Market welcomes visitors of the world, where everything from hammocks, to jewelry, clothing, food ingredients, and even tech accessories are sold.

Overflowing with hundreds of stalls, each selling national and international products, the market is a party scene due to its bars, live music, restaurants, and lively ambiance.

You can expect a variety of cuisines represented at the stalls of the market, catering to its global visitors.

The market opens every Saturday from 4 pm and can go as late as the early hours of the next day, between November-April.

37 – Breathe in the thrill of rafting through the Mhadei River

rafting in Goa

Experience true exhilaration rafting through the Mhadei River alongside other adventurous travelers, traversing 10 kilometers of the famous river.

Typically lasting around 1 hour, you’ll be instructed by the professionals on how to maneuver the waves of the river so that you can feel comfortable in knowing how to hold on and participate with everyone on the raft.

As the waters start to get more aggressive, make sure to look around and truly enjoy the beautiful natural scenery around you, from the bountiful forest to the incredible wildlife and overall beauty.

Rafting experiences start at $30 USD and can go up depending on the other services and activities offered.

Most rafting experiences include ground transportation, which is great so you don’t have to worry about getting to the river on your own.

38 – Test your luck at the casinos in North Goa

Casinos in North Goa

Check out the amazing casino cruise, Deltin Royale rated the number 1 best casino in India. The Deltin Royale includes the best of entertainment, casino games, and activities, not to mention an expansive buffet and live music.

Situated on Mondovi River, Casino Pride is a casino experience for the whole family, with fun and entertainment for all. Budget-friendly too, this world-renown Casino group offers a variety of entry packages fitting for each and every desired experience and budget.

Spend an evening at Winn Grand 7 Casino situated on the shores of Candolim Beach where you can experience both fun inside the casino, and looking out at the magnificent Arabian sea views. Deltin Jaqk, another amazing casino cruise, offers a grand variety of slot machines, and other entertaining casino games to lose track of time with.

With games like 3 card poker, Andar Bahar, and Baccarat, Big Daddy Casino welcomes all of its lucky visitors, situated off the coast of the Mandovi River. Enjoy the themed nights at Strike Casino, as well as the other services from spas, to exquisite dining, and of course, the casino fun at Strike Casino.

Known for its hospitality, and high-quality services, Majestic Pride is the largest casino in Goa, offering a large variety of dining options inside, tons of casino games both globally known and some local, and live entertainment.

39 – Plan a romantic candlelight dinner in Baga Beach

Candle Light Dinner in Baga Beach, Goa

Candlelight dinners are one of the most romantic things to do in Goa.

With a variety of restaurants along the beach’s shore, check out Britto’s Restaurant & Bar,  offering an excellent choice of Goan cuisine, as well as some seafood specialties, pasta, and a wonderful list of cocktails and wine. Be sure to enjoy the live music as you dine under the moon.

Check out St. Anthony’s for a great, casual time dining with the live entertainment of a local band, offering a large list of a variety of food, from salads to pasta, seafood classics, and Indian traditional dishes.

For a sweet bite of dessert, or to get a few drinks, check out Go With The Flow, where you’ll enjoy choosing between a flow feni colada cocktail freshly prepared, or a great wine from their list as you take in the sight of the sparkling sea.

40 – Learn about the symbolism at Sri Mahadeva Temple Tambdisurla

Sri Mahadeva Temple Tambdisurla, Goa
credit to Mahabalaindia

Make plans to visit the oldest temple in Goa, said to be one of the only basalt-made temples left in Goa.

Also known as the Tambdi Surla, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and has many interesting peculiarities that make it worthy of a visit, either with a temple tour or by renting a scooter.

Once you arrive at the temple, you’ll notice the fascinating structure along with the surrounding figures and statues of icons, many of them dating back to the 12th century.

From a headless bull to a carving showing an elephant trampling over a horse – all carrying much symbolism tied to the temple.

Try to visit the temple during the festival of Mahashivratri, when people come together at the temple and practice religious rituals with chant and song.

41 – Be one with nature at Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa

Be sure to visit the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, where you’ll be able to have the opportunity to view incredible animals in their natural habitats, from deer, Malayan Giant Squirrels, Indian Bison, elephants bathing in the river, and a large variety of bird species flocking through the air.

While you’re in the sanctuary, hike around to explore the beauty of the Mollen National Park, situated within the sanctuary. Hike up to Devi’s Canyon to get a wide view of the park from the top, as well as get unmatched views of many animals residing in the natural paradise.

To enter the park, you must purchase a ticket at the park office, which you can buy on-site starting at INR 20 for adults and INR 10 for children.

42 – Book an exciting Jeep tour through the Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa

Feel the refreshing mist of the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, located on the state limits of Goa, in Sonaulim.

Known as one of the country’s largest waterfalls, the cascades measure 310 meters. All previous visitors to the magical water sight say that they become hypnotized by the beauty of the waterfall.

To visit the waterfalls at their prime, plan your visit around June-September, in order to see the abundant amounts of rainwater fall and filter through the jagged rocky path down to the river below.

To amp up the moment, plan to book a jeep tour taking you through the rugged terrain of the nearby forests, or even get transported to the falls on a jeep, taking you through the scenic route, while catching glimpses of the stunning wildlife.

43 – Cut to the fun part at Froggyland – The Water World

Froggyland, Goa

Known as the largest waterpark in Goa, Froggyland boasts an incredible amount of fun for children of all ages, perfect for families traveling to Goa, and even adults.

Covering an area of 35,000 square meters, and divided into 2 sections, children and adults can make their fun pick between hopping on the exhilarating water coasters, chilling on the lazy river, slipping through the slides all the way down to the pools, or relaxing poolside sipping on a beverage of choice.

Prices vary based on if you visit during the week or weekend, for instance, during the weekday when it may be less crowded, you can expect to pay INR 500 for adults and INR 350 for children.

During weekends, prices rise to INR 600 for adults and INR 400 for children.

44 – Learn about life in Goa from the elders at the Goa Chitra Museum

Goa Chitra Museum, India

Explore the fascinating social happenings that occurred in Goa that have formed the state into what it is today.

From learning about local culture, viewing examples of farming tools, and viewing other forms of artifacts and documentation passed down from the older generations, you won’t want to miss this incredible wealth of information and tradition at the Goat Chitra Museum.

Learn about the different tools placed on display, many of which were found under the rubble of abandoned homes throughout Goa, and many of which were used in everyday life on the farm.

Many of the items inside tell stories that go past their practical use, which is sure to inspire thought and contemplation in each visitor. The museum is free to enter and is located in Benaulim.

45 – Go kayaking at Sal Backwaters

kayaking in Goa

Check out kayaking through Sal Backwaters, a beautiful and quaint pond full of lotus plants and lily pads.

If you’re looking for a relaxing way to disengage from any stress, you must book a kayaking tour with a professional, in a small group setting where you’ll be guided to glide through the water.

Enjoy being shown in detail the plants you’ll come across which are native to the state, as well as catch impressive bird-watching opportunities. One of the most famous birds that reside in the Sal Backwaters is the Kingfisher, which your tour guide will surely point out to you when it takes flight nearby.

Also, surrounded by beautiful mango groves, you’ll surely want to take in deep breaths of peace while on this experience.

46 – Take a relaxing day to enjoy the best beaches in South Goa

best beaches in South Goa

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in south Goa, check out Butterfly Beach, which overflows with beautiful sights like catching the golden sunset, to catching sights of dolphins.

Join the party vibes at Palolem Beach where many beachgoers like to go after sunset to meet up with friends, dance the night away in a “silent” disco, or simply relax on the shores. Enjoy the abundant restaurants and beach shacks on the shores of Agonda Beach, or book a fun water sport with friends to lose track of time.

Cabo de Rama Beach is considered amongst locals and travelers as one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, for its dense and leafy forest, palm trees, and secluded nature. Climb up to the Cabo de Rama Fort to get privileged views of the Arabian sea as a bonus.

Considered to be frequented by travelers, Colva Beach has all the services plus more that anyone would need. From Restaurants serving all sorts of delicious food to water sports rentals, bars, and even hotels.

Enjoy the quiet, clean white sands and bright blue turquoise waters of Benaulim Beach, which is best enjoyed during the months of October to March.

Have a lovely lunch on the shores of Cavelossim Beach, where you may catch sights of dolphins right from your table, as you listen to the live music and buzzing conversations around you.

Enjoy fun water sports like kite surfing at Majorda Beach, or rent a sunbed to take in the glorious sun rays, guaranteeing a great time of fun and relaxation, no matter what you participate in.

47 – Check out the military planes at the Indian Naval Aviation Museum

Indian Naval Aviation Museum, Goa

Learn about the history of the planes used in India’s military history at the Indian Naval Aviation Museum.

Walk through the galleries displaying a variety of images of the planes in action, detailing what and when they were used, and their purpose, along with other military equipment, and even enter the fun and exciting simulation room.

Designed to become an immersive experience, you’ll be able to see what it feels like to be inside one of the military planes while stepping inside the simulation.

Don’t forget to go outside and check out the 13 different military plane models, sure to entertain airplane lovers. The museum is located just a 9-minute drive from the Goa International Airport in Vasco de Gama, and tickets to enter starting at INR 30.

48 – Visit the spooky Three Kings Chapel to learn about the ghost legend

Three Kings Chapel, Goa

Said to be haunted by three kings who killed each other over control of power, the Three Kings Chapel quietly sits on top of Cuelim Hill, in southern Goa.

For years now, the chapel has created a fame for the spooky vibes and legends that today, draw tourists looking for a bit of mystery. The chapel itself is a small white church, which is open for visitors to go inside for a bit.

After 6 pm however, the church closes and not a soul sticks around after dark in fear of feeling the presence of the three kings.

There are many stories surrounding the church, and more than anything, people sharing that they have felt a powerful presence there. Although harmless, it’s a legend that still spooks people into paying a visit.

49 – Make plans to visit the Abyss aquarium

Abyss aquarium, Goa

Perfect as a rainy day activity, prepare a trip to the Abyss Aquarium, located in the town of Nagoa, 16 minutes away from the airport.

See more than 50 different fish species of various sizes and colors, as well as some of the most dangerous residents of the sea that comes from the Arabian sea, Japan, China, Indonesia, and even Australia.

Aside from the aquariums where they keep some of the scarier sea animals, there are a few open aquariums where other gentle sea animals reside, and depending on the time that you are visiting, you may be able to pet them and see them get fed.

The entry fee is INR 100 per person, and depending on the season, they also have a fun haunted house display.

50 – Check out the history of technological advancement at the San Thome Museum

San Thome Museum, Goa

Displaying various artifacts, stories, and fascinating history about the beginnings of technological advances in Goa, the San Thome Museum is a must-visit.

From the first few radios to learning about how the first few music records were recorded, to how clocks were invented, and even printers, and so much more.

The museum, although focusing more on these technological advancements in Goa, will surely have you reflecting and appreciating the invention of these everyday items in today’s world.

A self-proclaimed trip back in time, you’ll also be learning about those notable figures in Goa’s technological history, further amplifying your knowledge of Goan history.

The museum is located in the town of Varca, south of Goa international airport.

51 – Spend some time exploring the historical Chandor Village

Chandor Village, Goa

Located in south Goa, the historical village of Chandor is waiting for you to make your arrival, and discover the mix of the Kadamba dynasty and the Portuguese later on.

Visit the Menezes Braganza House, whose eye-catching colonial European exterior charms anyone passing by. Inside, you can get a tour of the house, decked out in colonial-style furniture and decor, you will have a fascinating time jumping back some 450 years into the past.

Stop by the Fernandes Heritage House, which was built before the Portuguese arrived, but then was overtaken by them during the colonization of Goa. The Fernandes family from Portugual moved in, and lavishly decorated the palace into what it is today. Be sure to check out the crystal chandeliers imported from Belgium, and the extremely ornate ballroom.

Around a 15-minute drive from the Fernandes, Heritage House is the Buddha statue on Buddha Hill, which you can walk or drive up to. The hill measures 250 meters in height and is around a 1.5-kilometer hike if you choose to do it. Enjoy the reward of the impressive view on top, however, due to its lack of trees, don’t hike during the middle of the day when the sun is at its strongest.

52 – Enter the religious Shri Mahalasa Narayani Devalaya

Shri Mahalasa Narayani Devalaya, Goa
credit to Shree Mahalasa Narayani Devalaya

Visit the religious Shri Mahalasa Narayani Devalaya, a temple complex dedicated to the female version of Lord Vishnu, in a religious space where the icon had to be relocated after the Portuguese destroyed the original temple.

Step inside, and respectfully admire the intricate decor, symbolism, and devotion that the locals have for the deity.

Outside, enjoy the beautiful and quaint pond and garden, offering a moment of peaceful meditation to all those who visit. Appreciate the Hindu-style architecture of the temple, from the gold domes to the blue and white colors of the holy structure.

The complex is open every day from 12:30 pm – 7:30 pm.

53 – Relish the water sports activities at Grand Island

Grand Island, Goa

Considered one of the best destinations in Goa for the ultimate water sports extravaganza, Grand Island, is located just 46 kilometers off the coast of Goa.

Book an exciting scuba diving experience, where you’ll be able to go down to the depths of the sea, around 40 meters max, exploring the world that exists under the sea from fish, to other sea life.

You can opt for a combined package deal where you can jet ski your way through the Arabian Sea, along with parasailing and other fun water activities. Make the most of your time on Grand Island with your friends, and try a little bit of everything that you can do there.

Add snorkeling to your list of things to do in Goa, appreciating the dolphins before they come up into the air, along with other incredible sea life you get to see with your own eyes.

54 – Feel the medicinal properties of the waters of Verna Springs and Kesarval Falls

Verna Springs and Kesarval Falls, Goa

Verna Springs and Kesarval Falls are two bodies of water situated 30 minutes away from the Goa International airport, said to possess healing and medicinal properties due to the minerals from the rocks.

Verna Springs specifically has been said to heal joint issues, as well as eye and skin issues. Whether you are trying to heal or soak in the good energy of the healing waters of Verna Springs, the best time to visit is between June and September.

Kesarval Falls is as beautiful and healing as Verna Springs, with just one glance at the gushing waterfalls, provoking instant relaxation. You can also take a bath here and reap all the rejuvenating properties that it will leave your body with.

The best time to visit Kesarval Falls is July-March.

55 – Step back in time to rural Goa at Big Foot Goa

Big Foot Goa

Also known as Ancestral Goa Musem, Big Foot Goa is an open-air museum located in the southern Goan town of Loutolim and is a space that welcomes visitors, local and foreign, to take a step back a couple of hundred years in Goan history.

Walk through what a traditional Goan village would have looked like, even before the Portuguese arrived. View the traditional homes, and farms, and learn from the guides how the people of Goa made money.

Not to mention, many of the houses and buildings have original furniture and other pieces inside. It’s a museum that turned a traditional village into a place for education and appreciation for what Goa used to look like, how life was back then, and how it has influenced the state today.

56 – Pay a visit to the historical forts of southern Goa

historical forts of southern Goa

Forts had a big importance in Goa during the Portuguese era, and today, they are some of the popular sites to see when people visit the state. Check out Cabo de Rama Fort, located near the beautiful Shiva Waterfall and is tucked between Cavelossim, and Agonda beaches.

The structure of the fort, which existed before the Portuguese arrived, was turned it into a fort, and then after the Portuguese left, it was abandoned. Today, visitors can go to the fort, for free, and take in the impressive views of the sea.

Mormugao Fort is another wonderful fort to check out, sitting at the top of the Zuari River, and boasting incredible sea views. The fort is buzzing with visitors, especially during the summer, to get beautiful tall views of the water below, and the tropical forest around.

57 – See the beauty of Palácio do Deão

Palácio do Deão, Goa

Sitting in the town of Quepem, in south Goa, is the heritage home of Palácio do Deão, which is a palace of approximately 213 years.

The palace, open for visitors to see, was the home of a wealthy Portuguese man, who also built a church that sits in front of the mansion. The house, which should be appreciated on the exterior for its beautiful blend of Hindu and Portuguese architectural styles, also has beautiful gardens to enjoy.

The gardens, which are consistently taken care of, are something not to miss, and spend some time in. The house is also located near the Kushavati river, further adding to its beauty.

The palace also offers lunch, so make plans accordingly to have a lovely lunch in the gardens of the palace.

58 – Plan a trip to Goa’s 2nd largest sanctuary, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is Goa’s second-largest Sanctuary spanning 86 square kilometers of dense forests, beautiful rivers and abundant wildlife.

Of the many activities that you can do at the sanctuary, one of them is hiking one of the eight nature trails available, ranging from easy to a bit more challenging.  On your hike, you can expect to view and hear different animals, from hyenas to a variety of birds and other amazing creatures.

Climb up one of the six different watchtowers in the sanctuary reaching up to 25 meters in height and giving visitors an incredible view of the forests and the rivers down below.

For a truly incredible experience, try to visit the sanctuary in the late afternoon to catch a stunning sunset falling behind the trees.

59 – Welcome a new day on a hot air balloon ride

hot air balloon rides in Goa

Enjoy from above and book an exciting hot air balloon ride, taking in the glowing light of the sun and the fresh morning air, along with other avid travelers.

Take in the privileged sights from above, and go up around 2,500 feet above the ground, as you look all around you. On the way down, you may even be able to participate in the descending of the balloon, or deflating it after you’ve landed.

The hot air balloon ride will last 3 hours and will also include ground transportation from your hotel to the sight of take off, and on your way back, you will be welcomed with a tasty breakfast by the team.

Upon finishing your memorable experience, you will receive a diploma officially recognizing your balloon flight experience.

60 – Book a tour of the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Goa

Also known as Fatorda Stadium, the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is located in Margao, which is in southern Goa.

The stadium typically holds football (soccer) and cricket matches, and since 2014, it has been exclusively holding international football games. With a capacity of 19,000 seats, the stadium is currently the home of a few of Goa’s main sports teams like the Indian Super League Club, FC Goa, I-League Club, and Churchill Brothers FC Goa.

The stadium is continuously being equipped with new technology in order to provide a better sporting experience for the audience, as well as for the teams playing.

Tours are available for sports and stadium fanatics, and even if you don’t like sports, you’ll probably find some interest in the way sports influence Goan culture.

61 – Watch an exciting Tiatr performance at Ravindra Bhavan

Ravindra Bhavan, Goa
credit to Ravindra Bhavan

Art and culture lovers should check out Ravindra Bhavan, a space dedicated to the promotion and experience of theater, dance, art of different forms, and inclusion of all.

With a couple of art spaces dedicated to various forms of art, the art complex counts with a few auditoriums, conference halls, black box theaters, and much more where you can catch cultural events that surpass any language barriers.

Check out a Tiatr performance, which is a typical drama/musical theater production from the state of Goa, which is known for its liveliness and entertainment, and only lasts 15 minutes. Though it is performed in their native dialect, it’s still worth experiencing if you don’t know the language.

Check out their official website and calendar to see any upcoming events that catch your eye.

62 – Have a drink at the beach bars & and join the parties in Goa

beach bars in Goa

Check out Purple Martini beach bar on Anjuna Beach, which locals claim to be one of the best beach bars to indulge in some wine cocktails while taking in the stunning sunset, reminiscent of any fancy beach club you’d find on the Mediterranean.

Stick around in Anjuna for a night of partying into the next day, by stepping into UV Bar and/or Curlies Beach Shack to continue the fun.

Ready for some live music and serious fun? Visit Bay 15 on Oxdel Beach in Panaji. Wine and dine under the sparkling string lights hanging above and around you, while you feel the sand beneath your feet.

Plan for an entertaining evening spending it at Arambol Beach, where you can enjoy anything from hanging around a beach bonfire with new friends, or go inside one of the buzzing bars on the beach. Check out Twice in Nature, where it feels like a complete party in the jungle.

Head to Candolim Beach for a wild night of party, lights, and contagious fun with clubs like Toy Beach Club and Sinq Night Club.

63 – Experience the incredible Holi celebrations in Goa

Holi celebrations in Goa

If you can manage to be in Goa at the beginning of March, then you cannot miss out on participating in the Holi celebrations in Goa.

Known as Shigmo, Holi in Goa is celebrated differently from the rest of the country, with varied types of music, performances, rituals, and more.

Get into the spirit and colors of this beautiful celebration, and feel the rhythms of Holi as you observe the religious and spiritual rituals performed during the event.

With various parties happening all around Goa during Holi, consider joining the biggest one of all, Colorland at Nyex Beach Club in Anjuna. The entry price for this party is between INR 500 – INR 100 plus drinks.

With over 10 different parties happening, you’ll be able to choose from different ambiances, places, clubs, and more.

64 – Enjoy a meal at the best restaurants in Goa

best restaurants in Goa
credit to Suzie’s

For a taste of local southern Goan cuisine, you must visit Gunpowder, offering visitors an incredible abundance of dishes seasoned with the best spice mixes and flavors. You’ll be licking your fingers after trying their Kerala Beef Curry, Pandhi curry, and kingfish curry – one of Goa’s most common fish dishes.

Enjoy the rotating menu at Suzie’s, and the various different cooking styles and flavors that entice its locals over and over again. Enjoy your meal under the tropical forest of palm trees hanging over you, just make sure to book your reservation with a bit of anticipation.

If you’re interested in a lovely cup of coffee in a beautiful ambiance, check out Felix Goa in Anjuna. Find yourself dining in the middle of a beautiful Portuguese villa, beside a pristine garden.

Craving Greek food? Try Thalassa serving upscale Greek cuisine in a chic and beachy restaurant. Let the aromas of grilled meat and the sight of fresh ingredients take over, as you observe the glowing sun during sunset, reflecting from the water.

65 – Learn about Goa’s beer production on a beer tasting

beer tasting in Goa
credit to Goa Brewing Co.

Visit Goa’s second microbrewery, called Goa Brewing Co., and have a beer or two. Situated inside an antique Portuguese mansion, the beer to try here is their Eight Finger Eddie craft beer.

Have lunch and a beer inside Beetle Pub, known for its feel-good ambiance, great selection of delicious food, as well as a great list of craft beers and beer on tap that will pair well with your meal.

Looking for something laid back and open-air? Drink a beer at Fat Fish, a lovely seafood restaurant and bar that mixes Portuguese and Goan cuisine into a fusion impossible to pass up. Try a Saint & Sinner craft beer with your meal, and enjoy the golden hour and fresh air.

66 – Make memories enjoying the nightlife in Goa

nightlife in Goa

Party it up inside a temple cave at LPK Waterfront Club, as you make your way to the dancefloor, looking up to see an explosion of colors decorating the ceiling. The party will take you to the next day, and on with the best memories

Sinq nightclub is waiting for you for a night of fun, luxury, and dance, inside the large club where you can find pools, multiple bars, a resident DJ as well as visiting internationally known DJs.

Opening from 9 pm onto the early hours of the next day is Tito’s Street – a lane full of pubs, clubs, and restaurants to live up the whole night. Enjoy live music, DJs, and incredible food, taking care of your night-out needs.

If live music is your scene, check out Cohiba in Candolim, where you can sing and sway the night away, singing along with the live band’s global classics and a few local favorite songs. Request your favorite song to the band Ciaran’s in Palolem Beach, as you order rounds of drinks for you and your friends.

Get down to the sound of Bollywood classics at Happy Frog, in Anjuna, the legendary bar that has entertained locals and visitors for years, and keeps on spreading good music vibes.

How to get to Goa?

Goa receives the majority of international travelers through Goa International Airport (Dabolim Airport) located in Dabolim, Goa.

The few ways that you can get from the airport to your hotel are through bus, airport transfer, or the train, depending on how near or far your hotel is from the airport.

Because some places and cities in Goa are a bit further away than others, the best way to ensure a smooth ride to your hotel is to book an airport transfer, which will securely take you and all your luggage to your hotel, at a really affordable price and faster than public transportation.

Where to stay in Goa?

At Candolim Glitter you can enjoy a beautiful city view from your terrace, as well as being at a 5-minute distance from Candolim Beach. The airport is only 24 minutes away, and you can even rent your bicycle for the duration of your trip right at the hotel.

Relish the amenities and services inside juSTa Morjim Beach Resort Goa, like free bike rentals and outdoor swimming pools, plus being located close to Morjim Beach. You’ll have everything you need and more at this resort in Vithaldaswada, Morjim.

Lounge poolside underneath the shade of the palm trees at The Foothills boutique hotel, where you’ll only be 5-miles away from Chapora Fort. Enjoy strong wifi, air conditioning, and free parking if you’re planning on driving.

Enjoy the intricate interior designs at JM Vista Suites, and the beautiful view of the mountains right from your balcony, or the garden. With a restaurant onsite serving classic Goan dishes, you won’t have to go far in search of great food.

Visiting Goa on a budget?

Looking for cheap things to do in Goa? Explore the beauties of the local culture of Goa in the capital city of Panaji, on a free walking tour with a local guide, learning about the history of the city as a Portuguese colony, as well as the other influences it had, plus getting an idea for the lay of the land.

Enjoy walking alongside a local knowledgeable guide who will answer your questions as they pop up.

Where to go next?

While you’re visiting the western state of Goa, consider checking out Mumbai, India’s wealthiest city, and entertainment hub known as the world capital of Bollywood.

Check out a trip to Delhi, where the smells of Asia’s largest spice markets will enamor your senses, while your eyes settle on one of the tallest minaret in the world at Qutub Minar.

Feel welcomed as you enter the Pink City of Jaipur, known for hosting the world’s largest free literary festival, and then head over to Agra, and wander through the 186 years of the oldest university in India, after visiting for yourself the grandeur of the Taj Mahal.

You can also make the most of your time in Goa and explore the many wonders near and far on multi-day trips, from the crazy beautiful waterfalls and wildlife to the religious temples and Portuguese cathedrals.

Final thoughts

With its incredible beaches, over 7,000 bars to choose from, its revealing history as a Portuguese colony for hundreds of years, and the mix of Hindu and Portuguese influence permanent in the streets, architecture, and history of the state – Goa is a must visit state to add to your India itinerary.

Not to mention its incredible seafood specialties from the Arabian sea, and its many rivers, its quaint and chic beachside restaurants are waiting for you.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best things to do in Goa, and that you’ve found more than enough inspiration to get you going to Goa.

Happy travels!