Every road trip is a journey, but we have to admit that some of them are much more beautiful. Here’s our selection of 14 fantastic road trips you wouldn’t want to miss! We bet you’ll love the 14th.

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1 – Route 66 – The United States of Americaroute_66 - Tourscanner

The famous route 66 crossing the United States of America in its width has earned the title “Main street of America.” This trip is not only a road trip but more of a journey through American culture and history.route_66_map - Tourscanner

With its Fantastic length of 3 945 km, it should take you around three weeks to cross it entirely while enjoying it to its fullest.

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2 – North Coast 500 – The United Kingdom

The incredible journey of North Coast 500 will blow your mind. Traveling around the majestic shore of Scotland will help you discover the country as well as the culture on its many impressive stopping points.north_coast_500 - Tourscanner

Much shorter than the Route 66, the north coast 500 starts and ends at Inverness and is still 830,4 km long. Enough to keep you on the road for at least one good week if you want to enjoy your trip.

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3 – Great Ocean Road – Australia

One of the best Australian coastal trip. The Great Ocean Road will impress you firstly with is majestic views of the shore but also with its exotic fauna, indeed you’ll get the opportunity to see anteaters, kangaroos, koalas, multi-colored parrots and even penguins!great_ocean_road - Tourscanner

Much shorter than the others, the Great Ocean Road may not be the most significant road trip of your life, (243 km) it is still one of the most beautiful roads you’ll ever drive on!

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4 – Garden Route – South Africa

The African road trip of our selection, this road is full of surprises, and its natural side is mesmerizing. Crossing through the harbor town of Mossel Bay, the Wilderness National Park and ending at Storms River, Eastern Cape.garden_route - Tourscanner

Long of 300 km, the garden route is well known for its beaches and hills that make the trip much longer than you’d hope 😀 ! It should take you around six days if you want to make a short stop on every point.

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5 – Ticlio Pass – Peru

One of the highest roads in the world, the Ticlio Pass is a magnificent trip through Peru’s Andes mountains. – The most amazing mountain in South America as well as one of the most dangerous road.


Ticlio in itself is not much of a big road trip but what’s better in this bucket list than the highest road in the world, topping at 4 818 meters high.

Ticlio pass - 14 Fantastic Road Trips you Wouldn't Want to Miss

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6 – Guoliang Tunnel Road – China

Firstly created to link the small village of Guoliang, only accessible by a 720 steps stair, the road, built by villagers took five years to complete. Quite the journey!

Guoliang Tunnel Road China - 14 Fantastic Road Trips you Wouldn't Want to Miss
Credits to Wikipedia

With its 1.2 kilometers long, this road is probably not known for its length but more certainly for its magical view from the openings in the tunnel walls… and for its dangerousness!

The Guoliang tunnel - 14 Fantastic Road Trips you Wouldn't Want to Miss

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7 – Ring Road – Iceland

If you are looking for a magical experience on the road into the wild; the Ring Road will surely not disappoint you. Iceland’s beautiful landscapes will take you on a journey you’re not about to forget.ring_road - Tourscanner

With its 1 332 km long, the Ring Road does the full tour of Iceland with breathtaking views. It should take you around ten days to complete this road trip if you plan to enjoy it a little at least.

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8 – Gobi Desert – Mongolia

After the freezing winds of Iceland, let’s head to the Giant dunes of the Mongolian desert. This road trip is a must for every purple sunset lover, every camel-riding lover and every sleeping-in-a-yurt lover. 😉gobi_desert - Tourscanner

Starting in Ulaanbaatar, you’ll have to drive 550km to get to the Gobi desert. With its roads mostly made of dirt, you will be able to enjoy Mongolia’s size and emptiness. You’ll spend around four to five days driving around this splendid desert and come back home full of memories.gobi_desert_yurt - Tourscanner


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9 – Black Forest Panoramic Route – Germany

The Black Forest Panoramic Route is part of one of the best road trips in Europe: the Black Forest, Bavaria & the Tyrol tour. Every part of this trip will enchant your eyes while making you discover Germany.

Black forest - Tourscanner

The black forest is a road trip you can complete in one day (it is around 60 km), but if you want to stop at every village and discover more about the German culture, you should do it in three.

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10 – Cowboy Trail – CanadaCowboy trail road trip

The Cowboy Trail is a historic road trip. If you love getting away from the whole world, you’ll have to drive on this road. Beautiful landscapes and unusual encounters are waiting for you!

This road trip is 314 km long; you should do it is six days if you wish to take your time.

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11 – Dempster Highway – Canadian Arctic

For the ultimate road trip, nothing compares to the Dempster Highway. Using frozen bits of the Mackenzie River during winter as ice bridges this highway will delight your eyes.

dempster_highway - Tourscanner

The road is 736km long, and only 6 km is made of concrete, the rest being gravel taken on the sides of the road.

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12 – California State Route 1 – United States of America

The famous West coast road trip, is a must do, every traveler has dreamed of going on a coast road trip, renting a van and going with his friend through the USA.state_route_1 - Tourscanner

Long of 1 055km, the California State Route 1 was built in 1934 and is part of the All-American Roads.

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13 – Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

Take your car and drive the world’s largest salt flat. The Salar de Uyuni is one perfectly flat road trip to do, the white horizon is merely mesmerizing, and the wet surface perfectly mirrors the blue sky.

Salar de Uyuni

The Salar de Uyuni is situated at 734 km from La Paz, enough to make you enjoy Bolivia while heading to one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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14 – The Rainbow Road – Mario Kart

Enjoy a view of the earth from your kart while driving on the emblematic circuit from Mario Kart franchise.Rainbow Road Mario kart - 14 Fantastic Road Trips You Wouldn't Want to Miss

You should book at least three days to complete this road trip! 😉

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We hope that you enjoyed this list of 14 Fantastic Road Trips You Wouldn’t Want to Miss! Tell us, which one do you want to do in comments.

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