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If you’re looking to visit the Edge observation deck in New York, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you will find out everything you need to know about the Edge tickets, including tickets price, how to skip the line, who are eligible for discounts, how to book online discounted tickets, and much more.

Located on the 100th floor of Hudson Yards, the Edge is the highest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere and provides sweeping views of the New York skyline. It opened in March 2020 and is the latest addition to the Big Apple’s long list of excellent tourist attractions.

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How much do Edge tickets cost?

The Edge tickets price

There are two ways to purchase Edge tickets via official channels: online and at the attraction. Please find below Edge tickets price for each options.

Online general admission (specific date and time for your Edge visit)

  • Adults: US$ 36
  • New York residents and seniors (62+) US$ 34
  • Children aged 6 to 12: US$ 31
  • Aged 5 and under: Free

Online flex pass (book a date and visit at any time on that day)

  • Adults: US$ 56
  • New York residents and seniors (62+) US$ 54
  • Children aged 6 to 12: US$ 51
  • Aged 5 and under: Free

General admission at the attraction (specific date and time for your Edge visit)

  • Adults: US$ 38
  • New York residents and seniors (62+) US$ 31
  • Children aged 6 to 12: US$ 36
  • Aged 5 and under: Free

General admission at the attraction (book a date and visit at any time on that day)

  • Adults: US$ 58
  • New York residents and seniors (62+) US$ 56
  • Children aged 6 to 12: US$ 53
  • Aged 5 and under: Free

Who is eligible for discounts?

As stated above, specific groups are eligible for Edge discount tickets. New York residents and seniors aged 62-and-over receive discounts and save $2 on purchase prices. US military members are also eligible for discounts. Children aged between 6 and 12 pay a reduced rate while kids aged 5-and-under can enter for free.

How do you book Edge tickets in advance? Any discounted tickets?

book The Edge tickets online

The best way to book Edge tickets in advance is online, either through the official website or by using a third-party online tour operator such as Viator, Civitatis or GetYourGuide to name a few. Buying tickets online helps you avoid lengthy queues, which you’re likely to face if you buy tickets at the attraction.

As for whether you should buy tickets through the official website or with an online tour operator, it’s worth comparing prices to see who offers the best deal. Some operators provide discounted tickets, which can save you money.

Are Edge tickets included in any city attractions passes?

New York has so many tourist attractions, and it can be costly seeing them all separately. Fortunately, attractions passes let you see an array of famous landmarks for discounted prices. Some of the options available include access to the Edge.

Attractions passes that provide access to the Edge include:

  • City Pass
  • Sightseeing Pass
  • Freestyle Pass New York

Attractions passes that don’t provide access to the Edge include:

  • The New York Pass
  • New York Explorer Pass

Take a look at our full guide about New York City Passes.

Are there any combined tickets that include Edge tickets and other attractions in NYC?

The Edge combo tickets

The Edge is located in Hudson Yards, which is an attraction in its own right. Visitors to the Edge can save money and combine their tickets with other attractions, such as Hudson Yards and nearby landmarks. Some of these include:

Rockefeller and Times Square with Edge entry: Rockefeller Centre and Times Square are two of New York’s biggest attractions, and you can save money on your visit by combining them with a tour of the Edge.

The Edge and 9/11 museum tour: as well as a trip to the Edge, this combined tour provides access to the 9/11 museum. Skip the line at the museum and learn all about 9/11. A one-hour boat cruise around the Statue of Liberty is also included.

The Edge + Hudson Yards tour: this combined tour features a 60-minute live guided tour of Hudson Yards and includes access to the Edge. At Hudson Yards, expect to see the new Vessel, which is 16 stories and 154 flights of stairs.

Are there any Edge guided tours, and are they worth it?

If you’re booking Edge tickets through an online tour operator, you can choose an option that includes a live guide. A live tour guide lasts for around 60 minutes and they will give you information about the building’s construction as well as the views you can see from the observation deck.

You should opt for a tour with a live guide if you want in-depth knowledge about the Edge, as well as other famous attractions in New York. They will be able to point out all the famous buildings that are viewable from the Edge.

Is it possible to visit the Edge for free?

Unfortunately, the Edge doesn’t provide any days where visitors can go for free, especially as it’s a brand-new New York attraction. Only children aged between 6 and 12 can go to the Edge without having to pay an entry fee — and a paying adult must accompany them at all times.

What will I see at the Edge?

what to see from The Edge in NYC

At 1,131 feet, the Edge is the highest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere, so you can expect to see unrivaled views of New York’s famous skyline. Unlike other observation decks, such as 30 Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building, the Edge is a triangular wedge that protrudes 80 feet from the side of the building. As a result, it looks like it is suspended in midair.

Enjoy 360-degree views from the Edge and get an overview of the whole of New York. You can see the city’s most famous landmarks, such as the World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty to the south and the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building to the east.

Look to the west, and you will see the Hudson River, while the north provides views of Central Park. On a clear day, it’s possible to see 80 miles into the surrounding areas of New York State and New Jersey.

Those who enjoy heights and fancy themselves as thrill-seekers can walk across the glass floor, which is built into one part of the observation deck. The glass floor is 225 square feet and looks directly down to the street below.

When are the best times to visit the Edge? How to avoid the crowds?

best time to visit the Edge in New York

The Edge is open from 8 am until midnight seven days a week, meaning there is plenty of time to visit throughout the day.

Mornings are the quietest period: if you want to beat the crowds, it’s worth going bright and early. Evenings (closer to midnight) aren’t as busy either.

The spring and summer months will be more popular than the winter and autumn, as the weather is nicer and there are more holidays during this period.

Travel tips

The Edge in NYC

  • Book online, compare all the deals and find discounted tickets
  • Walk on the glass floor to see direct views of New York city streets
  • Visit the many shops and food market at Hudson Yards
  • Peak is a full-service restaurant located on the 100th floor
  • There is an Asian-inspired restaurant on the fifth floor called Wild Ink
  • A champagne bar is also open until midnight every day and is located on the 100th floor
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